Wednesday, June 20, 2012

we had a great fathers day back home.  it was so peaceful and relaxing.  dennis, my father in law created his own little golf course.  it was awesome!  they're awesome like that (my in-laws) they're always creating and making stuff.  you should see christmas at their house, its a complete homemade affair.  in fact everything in that house is made by somebody in the family.  lucy played on a rocking horse that nate used to play with when he was little.  it was made by his grandpa.  i understand where nate gets his crafty side from.  i hope lucys blessed with some of those genes.

we grilled out then found a little corner in the garden to hang out.  lucy took a nap under the pine trees with her hair blowing in the wind.  as we were all sitting around outside it made me think what a great place it must've been to grow up out there.   lots of room to run around and explore.  no crazy people to bother you.  it's like your own private little world out there.  it's where nates grandparents used to live and now his parents live.  there must be so many memories.  the little corner we were sitting in was enclosed by pine trees.  those pine trees are 40 feet tall.  each one was a little christmas tree planted by his grandpa every year after christmas.  i love it.  i wish it wasn't so far, we could visit more often.

we had good food, with great people and that makes a perfect combination for an awesome father's day!

rocking horse that nate and his sisters used to play on when they were kids, made by grandpa

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