Friday, January 25, 2013

iphone love

look at the cute yoga mat they have at the studio

family yoga time

"will you hold my hand bear, i already gave you a hug?"

my friends had told me long ago that lucy's very animated, i'm starting to believe them.

seriously the best pizza i've had in this life! pizzeria locale

a new toy that aunt cami sent, very pleased with it.

we often see strange and interesting things along our walk on pearl street.  a man playing the piano laying down on a rock last night. 

having a chat with dada outside the coffee shop

Friday, January 18, 2013

it's 60 degrees right now and i have the windows open.  it's wonderful.  along with the nice warm sunny weather, we're also super excited that its not dark at 4:30 anymore.  it's staying light later and later out.  that's exciting to me.  

sometimes we buy lucy a green drink filled with veggies.  this one is made up of apples, carrots, kale, spinach and blueberries.  it was yummy!

looking forward to the long weekend.  we're suppose to meet some friends out from ohio for some snowboarding monday.  

have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a little picture

a little picture i came across today that brought a small tear to my eye.
it's the first picture of a daddy and his newborn baby daughter.
i took this picture in my cloudy state after surgery and sent it away to all our friends to announce the birth of lucy after 36hours of labor.
you can tell a lot by the look of nates eyes.  it's the same look he still gives her everyday when he comes home.
this may be my favorite picture right now.

Monday, January 14, 2013

pics from the weekend...


grrrrr i don't know why but i can't write this at the top of the page.  and i'm frustrated at the quality of the pictures from my iphone.  i upgraded to the 5 in hopes of getting a better camera.  truthfully the camera sucks!  it's hard lugging around my main camera along with a toddler and a giant bag that goes along with the toddler.  so as you can see most days now i just use my iphone.  if anyone has any tips or apps to improve these sh*tty pics please let me know!

it snowed a bit this weekend.  not enough to make the trek to the mountains.  and it's unseasonably cold here these last couple days.  the biggest myth about colorado is that its always snowy and cold.  in fact it's been sunny everyday and most days are in the 40s and 50s!  the locals say that when it does snow its usually melted away by noon.  i like the weather here better then the midwest.  you can still get out in the middle of winter and the sun makes a HUGE difference. it's never brutally cold, i think it also has something to do with the dryness.  they call it the high desert.  humidifiers and lotions are my best friends now.  

Friday, January 11, 2013

it's kind of been a rough week.  can't figure out why.  my patience has been a little thin lately.  also worrying about my upcoming trip to taiwan with lucy.  well not worrying about the time in taiwan just worried sick about the flight to taiwan by myself with a toddler that doesn't want to sit still.  it's going to take 24hrs with flights and layovers.  the longest and most frightful stretch is from LAX to TOKYO...10 HOURS!  lord help me on that flight.  oh and let me mention, lucy does NOT have a seat. she will be sitting on MY lap the entire duration of all three flights.    pray for me....

i had one brief moment of calm and peacefulness this week.  on monday lucy and i went to a mommy and me yoga class.  it's an actual class with toys and little mini yoga mats for kids to either do yoga alongside mommy or hang out and play.  i was surprised at how much yoga i was able to do with toddlers around.  and it was still surprisingly calm and relaxing.  lucy walked around playing with the toys and occasionally would come back and check out what i was doing and copy by putting her arms up for a few poses.  at the end of class we were lying down for savasana and lucy laid down next to me on her little mat and it was a sweet and peaceful moment.  i left feeling more calm, collected and grounded then i'd felt in months.  if this is how i need to get back to myself in this world of chaotic mommyhood then we will definitely be going back for more of that class.

a few pics from today:

lucy @ tinker arts

and then lunch with daddy, yup she's having breakfast for lunch!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

some funny pictures i came across of lucy

she fell over when she pulled too hard on the cabinet to her kitchen.  then she just stayed there for five minutes enjoying the view i guess.

she's watching the hungry caterpillar being read to her online, she had to hold her little stuffed version

this was yesterday at the park, she finally decided she liked swings

having a cake and ice cream party with her bunny!

Monday, January 7, 2013

i can't believe i'm still posting about christmas, but below was when we walked to a christmas eve service at a church a few blocks from our place.  it started snowing on the way there and when we were done less then an hr later the streets were completely covered in an inch of snow.  lucy was completely warm and dry in her stroller. 

i took a picture of myself on my first time out in over 3 years!  i was really excited to get back on the snowboard to see if i still remembered.  nate and i had to take turns individually because they didn't have daycare.  he let me go first, and i was giddy with excitement.  i tried not to think too much into it as i strapped myself in, because i know i would've freaked myself out.  i still managed to have a little "oh sh*t" moment.  i was on the lift by myself first time up and suddenly i felt really alone by myself up there and i panicked a little.  i thought, "what the heck am i doing out here after 3yrs of not being on a snowboard??"  i didn't even practice on the bunny slope or at least use the carpet ride the first go around???! but it was really kind of too late to be thinking that.  it's not like they could stop the lift and get me down ha!  so i quickly tried to take my mind off of it and took this picture below of myself and texted a few friends and before i knew it i was at the top of the mountain.  i managed to hop off the lift without falling flat on my face and before i knew it i had made it down the mountain without falling and i was ready to go again!  it was fun and freeing and so now me and nate have the bug again, constantly thinking about when the next time we'll be out again.  it's suppose to snow this weekend, we're just a wee bit excited here. ;)

i think she's picking the frogs nose?

nate and i are on a mission to find the best burger in town.  back home we had our two favorites, five guys and culver's butterburgers.  so far we've had reuben's and larkburger here.  reubens was eh so so wouldn't say they were very yummy.  and larburger i'd give it a 7 or 8.  i wanna give it another shot because i think i ordered mine a little undercooked.  larkburgers parmesan truffles fries are out of control good though!  i'd go back just for those.  
nate and i wonder if we will find anything as good as five guys here, and our theory is because all the burger joints use local grass fed beef.  and in my opinion grass fed beef is kinda dry and tough.  i think grass fed cows are generally pretty lean because they're walking around the pasture eating right?  to me a good burger is deliciously fattening and juicy when you bite into it.  it's got that grease coming out and soaking into the bun.  and i just don't think the "healthier" grass fed burgers can compete.  at least in my burger book.
don't get me wrong i'm all about healthy eating and humanely raised animals but sometimes a girls just gotta have a good burger!

Friday, January 4, 2013

it was my first time ever buying a live tree.  super excited about it until a few days had gone by and our tree seemed to shrivel and dry out a little everyday.  we followed all the instructions and everything! by the end of the first week our tree looked like someone had popped it like a balloon and all the life and color had gone out of it, with only some lights and ornaments hanging on to its scraggly branches.  i may never get another live tree again. =(

nanna sent a bunch of handmade gifts for us and lucy!  it made our christmas kind of special since we were so far away from family and friends this season.

lucy helped decorate the tree and also managed to break a ornament.  she didn't seem as interested in the tree as i thought she'd be.  she was way more interested in the presents that started collecting under the tree.  everyday she'd go over and mess around with the presents under the tree, bringing some over to us and saying "play."  i had to tell her everyday that we couldn't open them 'till christmas morning.

soft blanky aunt macy sent for lucy

two cute hats for lucy by nana

can't wait till summer to wear this pretty little dress nana made

she loves her barn scene we got her

intricate hat nana knit

so much fun playing with boxes and wrapping paper!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

aunt audrey and uncle craig

we had a great visit from our friends audrey and craig right after christmas.  we refer to them as aunt audrey and uncle craig.  lucy was able to master audreys name but is still working on craig.  she loved having them around.  she followed them around the house and was always bugging them in their room!  they brought some great gifts for lucy too!

we drove up to the mountain one day and put lucy in daycare while we all went skiing.  it was beautiful up there.  that really put the itch back to go riding all the time again.  well luckily we're in a place that we can go every weekend if we wanted to.  the only thing is lucy gets stuck in daycare.  i'm sure the ski resorts have great daycares, but i still feel slightly guilty for enjoying myself while she's there.  i think that was the first time she's been in a daycare for that long of a time.  she's been at church daycare for an hour at a time.  she seemed to like it, and was even able to take her normal nap.  

we got in some yummy dinners with audrey and craig and they've got me slightly hooked on coffee again.  most evenings we hung out at home with a few bottles of wine.  i love hanging out with them, they always have such a positive energy about them and they are really good with lucy.  audrey taught lucy "knuckles."  a few days after they had left lucy kept shoving her hand at me repeating something,  she was saying knuckles and wanted me to bump knuckles with her, and then she said "audrey!" that melted my heart.

we miss you very much here aunt audrey and uncle craig!  you guys will be great parents one day!  in the mean time come back and visit us soon!