Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy 1st father's day nate!

oh nate beat me to the blog this morning! =)

i will never forget the first few days after lucy's arrival.  those days were so precious and i can never get them back.  nate really amazed me at how he just stepped into the role of a father.  i always knew he would be a good dad but i never thought to the extent he is.  we were so exhausted after getting home from the hospital, you know the feeling.  bewildered, lost, yet excited about the journey your embarking on together with your significant.  i knew nate was exhausted we both were but he could not put lucy down.  he took care of her around the clock.  he changed all her diapers, fed her all her bottles, washed, cleaned all the bottles, and walked her to sleep.  he did all of it for the first two weeks of lucys life.  he was such a great dad.  i will never forget that.  he took care of lucy and he took care of me.  making sure i was recovering.  he did such a good job that i panicked when he had to go back to work.  i think he panicked a little too.  nate was the one that had to teach me how to do everything.  i didn't even know how to change a diaper.  oh he was so good.  i think if he could he would've stayed home forever to take care of lucy.  it was really hard for both of us when he went back to work.

its been so sweet watching him grow from being my husband and best friend to being a father.  i think i really lucked out!  from the minute we found out we were pregnant he was already planning all the things he would do.  the day after we found out that we were having a girl he was at the paint store buying paint and that weekend had the room painted.  and then the different projects he did for lucys room.  the bird mobile he made himself and the big wooden tree in lucys room.  he was so excited for lucy's arrival.

ten months later i'm still touched every time he walks in the door and lucy just lights up.  they have a special bond.  it makes me happy.

thank you nate for being the greatest dad you could ever be to lucy.  happy 1st father's day babe!

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