Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day

don't tell mommy, but i grabbed the macbook and decided to highjack the blog, in honor of father's day.  father's day means so much more this year than ever before having little lucy in our lives.  as father's day was approaching this year i found myself taking notice of other father's with their kiddo's while we were out.  i realized that there are a lot of father's out there, because everyone has kids it seems, that i otherwise would have never cared to notice!  usually when i find myself doing what everyone else is doing, which isn't often, i don't like it and i feel like just another number.  but being a father isn't like that at all.  it's like some unwritten rule or code that bonds us together no matter what and no matter where we are.  here's and example of this father code i'm talking about, like when i walk into the restroom at a restaurant or store and see another dude wrestling with a diaper change.  poopoo getting where it's not supposed to, baby not buckled into the changing station, and cries for mommy so loud it shortens my restroom break.  we glance at one and other and give that unwritten father code nod thinking, yep, been there and got though it, you got this dude, come on, represent!  or at the grocery, when i notice a dad toting around baby in a bjorn reaching for that list that was perfectly prepared by mom before he left the house, but realizes he left it in the car, or hopes he left it in the car.  come on, like we have any place in the grocery.  then add the double wammy of a 2nd person in this uncharacteristic situation of grocery store and you have all the ingredients of what i like to call the "meltdown."  now some father's will handle the meltdown just fine, but i have found that to be a very small percentage. usually they are the meltdown.  but seriously, being a father is only fun and rewarding because of the girls around me making it that, lucy and jill.  lucy makes being a father super easy because jill has created what i think is the perfect child.  i mean 10 months old and knows sign language, need i say more. jill works hard and has made my job easy when it comes to being a father.  i just have to "fall in line" so to speak.  to know how things get done and to keep consistent with the program.  being a father wouldn't be this fun and rewarding if not for lucy.  all the other father's would be jealous if they knew how special lucy is!  she melts me.  the hysterical smile and cheer when i get home from work everyday.  the comforting giggle on saturday and sunday when i pick her up out of the crib with those eyes telling me how happy she is that i am there.  so to all you father's, whom i am sure feel the same about your little munchkin and couldn't wait to get up and post it on mommy's blog this morning before the day begins, Happy Father's Day to you!

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