Tuesday, June 19, 2012

lucy's 10mo old!

i cant believe i forgot lucy's 10 months yesterday.  nate had to remind me at the end of yesterday.  see he's such a better parent then i am!

little lucy's going to be a year old soon!  oh my!!!  that means i have to figure out her birthday and everything!  oh God can you just please add 2 extra hours to our day please.  doesn't 26 hours in a day sound soo much better.  

it's been really hot lately.  i took lucy to the pool yesterday.  pretty proud of myself, i was able to hustle out the door in 15minutes.  last time we went to the pool it was a whole ordeal.  i had nate with me too. it took us an hour to get to the pool, change her get everything locked up and into the pool.  then another 30 minutes to get out of there.  of course that was our first time.  i feel a little more well seasoned now.  that's pretty much the case with everything.  things that used to be so easy and not a big deal are so much harder now.  but once you make yourself try it with a baby then it becomes easy again.  well easier at least.  i just have to keep reminding myself not to get overwhelmed and scared of trying.  just like the vacation, i feel so at ease now knowing that we've experienced that and conquered it.  i feel like i can just pick up and go with lucy on a trip and not be so stressed like the first time.
i have to laugh now thinking about the first time i took lucy to the mall by myself.  i was a stress ball, pacing outside nordstrom debating wether i should go in or not.  lol!  how times have changed.  

anyhow sorry baby girl mommy forgot you turned 10 months yesterday!  i still love you dearly!

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