Tuesday, November 26, 2013

i think this might be the first time lucy's made a snowman? well at least with me.  hmmm, i need to step up my game here.  we need to get outside more!  today was one of those glorious winter days in colorado!  sun out, warm outside despite the thermometer saying 50. 50 degrees in colorado is like 60+ back home.  something to do with the humidity and elevation i think?  i saw kids out with t-shirts.
i forgot to bring her mittens, and she still kept wanting to make snowmans.  that snow is definitely snowman and snowball making snow.

"super cute shirt auntie sun sun got me, i love the heart!"

Monday, November 25, 2013

we ran around town this weekend, trying to find a place that would service our boards.  little did we know everyone else had the same idea.  we planned a trip up to beaver creek over thanksgiving next week.  we couldn't get our snowboards in anywhere, you'd think in a town with probably over 10 ski shops or more we'd find somewhere.  oh well our boards are fine really nothing major.  nate and i really don't need to be going too fast anyways with both of our left knees not in the best conditions.

we also popped into the new h&m.  man there clothes are cheap, not the greatest quality though.  while waiting for nate in the dressing room i had a flashback of when me and all the girls were at h&m shopping for melissa's bachelorette party.  and sunara's pregnancy announcement there.  fun night fun times!  

we went down to pearl street last night for the lighting and santa clause.  lucy didn't seem as thrilled as she was last year at seeing santa.  she's feeling a little under the weather can't blame her.

what's going on with your hair lucy?

Friday, November 22, 2013

hey look!  i found those pics that i thought lucy had deleted from ryan, macy and mikes trip out to visit us last spring.  that was a great visit!  we drove out to rocky mtn n. park.  did a few hikes and drove trail ridge rd.  if you come out here during the spring or summer to visit us you are bound to get a trip out on trail ridge rd.  it's beyond what words can describe.  it's definitely not for the faint of heart driving up at over 11,000ft.  but it is amazingly beautiful.  pictures definitely don't do it justice.  when we took my parents this past summer, my mom had just gotten back from a trip to the swiss alps and she said that this was definitely comparable and just as beautiful.  so come on out everyone!

these pictures are so endearing to me.  they remind me that lucy should have family around more often.

there nate is again, off in some crazy spot with lucy

see those poles, thats so when it snows they still know where the road is. crazy the snow gets that high. 

i am so proud of ryan and macy, we took them on a pretty strenuous hike the second day they got here! who needs altitude acclimatizing!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

we took a road trip out to utah this summer with my parents.  my dad's favorite place on earth is bryce canyon and i wanted nate to experience it with my parents.  as a child living on the west coast we did a lot of road trips to all the different national parks.  i am so happy that my parents loved traveling and took me to so many places as a child.  i think it fostered a love for traveling that is still with me today.  hope to do the same with lucy.  

we stopped in moab and stayed for 2 nights, visited arches national park, canyon lands n. park. and the following day drove to bryce canyon n. park and spent the night.  bryce was cold and was overcast.  the hoodoos (tall thin spires) of bryce seemed washed out compared to the past.  it could've been the overcast.  the beauty of that place is the contrast of the red rocks next to the brilliant blue skies.  nate and i took a hike down into the canyon and my parents took a hike down a different one while we watched lucy.  we then drove a crazy amount from bryce to aspen stopping in grand junction for dinner.  grand junction is a cool little town i must say!  
we've never been to aspen other then in the winter.  sure was pretty!  the maroon bells were a sight to see!  my parents said it was the prettiest place of their whole trip out here.  i would like to go back sometime during the fall when the aspens are changing. 

it was ALOT of driving but all worth it and thinking back we hardly remember the time in the car.  so blessed to have such beauty all around within a few hours drive. 

mom and the famous delicate arch of utah

see nate with lucy on his back?

that little dot is nate

are you starting to see a trend here…nate putting my child in precarious situations that makes my heart pound 

there's a deep chasm he's looking into, he then proceeded to jump across, grrr drives me crazy

bryce canyon without the blue blue skies

this picture and the one below were taken by lucy =)

maroon bells

this is a "secret" place called false kiva in canyonlands n. park.  it is categorized as a class II site.  it is not on any maps or listed in any park publications.  i was completely obsessed with this place while we were there and wanted so much to look for it.  i had found directions online and they seemed sketchy and a bit dangerous.  it is literally a hole in the side of a cliff.  with a "kiva" a puebloan spiritual room.
these pictures i found online completely had me mesmerized especially the one with the milky way at night.  i made nate promise that we would go back there just the two of us one day and look for it.