Monday, April 30, 2012

its been awhile since i last posted.  it's been a busy week.  not sure if its because lucy has a set nap schedule now so i plan around those times to get my stuff done and that leaves me no time to catch up on posting.  there just never seems to be enough time in the day to finish everything.
lucy and i also stay really busy with all of our activities.  there's only so much to do at home before both lucy and me start going a little crazy.

we also added an additional activity on thursday.  its really for moi but lucy enjoys it i think.  i've been meeting up with the moms from moms group for "stroller bootcamp".  one of the moms personal trainer graciously trains us thursdays for an hour at the park.  its quite hilarious to see all of us with our strollers working out.  it's a good workout and the babys sit in there strollers and laugh at us.

its been fun meeting new people, which is usually not my thing since i feel like i have enough friends already.  but its a good excuse for us to get out of the house and of course we swap baby stories and give each other encouragement and advice.  i actually went out with these ladies friday night sans babies.  we had a "moms night out."  it was good to be able to get to know the ladies better without our kids interrupting our every sentence.  i have to admit i enjoyed it and it was good to step out of my comfort zone.  

picture from this weekend.  sunday was beautiful.  nate and i played a game of scrabble while lucy napped at the park.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

random iphotos

last weekend lucy met up with the other little girls at zen cha so the mommy's could have some bubble tea.  we were given some evil eyes as we were disturbing the zen.  ha!  oh well those people forget they were once little kids too, toddling around disturbing the zen!

mommy i dont have a nose bridge!

well if i can't have any at least i can stick my fingers in it!
yummy my first sucker!

yes we're horrible parents!  we gave our child a lollipop!  well it was organic and she only got two licks.  ok....maybe three or four. ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"winner, winner, chicken dinner"

lucy is no longer a celebration of her turning eight months i cooked up a yummy one pot meal from my tyler florence baby cookbook.  lucy's dr said she can start eating meats when she turns 8 months.

everything cooked up on the stove and then into the oven to finish.  i blended it up nice and fine for her.  it was chicken with white rice and broccoli, cauliflower and peas.  they used carrots in the book but i didn't have any so i used cauliflower instead.

it was pretty good, i was surprised at how flavorful it was since there's not much in the way of seasoning.  i think roasting really brings out flavors in the veggies.  i tried lucys portion and it definitely tasted yummier then ours.  our chicken was dry but since hers was all blended up it tasted great!

lucy definitely loved her first taste of animal protein.  we could tell she enjoyed it.  it's probably the most flavorful solid she's tasted yet.

hmmm...wonder what we should try next, maybe some fish!  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

happy 8 month lucy!

lucy is 8 months today!!!  how time flies.  every time i post her monthly birthday i always wonder where the month went.  although the month went fast it was filled with so many new milestones.  this past month lucy started teething.  she has two little teeth on the bottom trying to pop through.  i get a glimpse of them when she's laughing or has her mouth wide open for food.  everyday i see a little more white popping through the gums.
this past month she has also figured out how to go from her tummy to sitting up.  the other day i watched her wake up from her nap on the monitor wondering what she was doing squirming around.  i went upstairs to get her and there she was sitting up in her crib staring at me.  so we had to move her mattress to a lower setting on her crib so she couldn't pull herself up and fall out.  oh cuz she's also doing that now, grabs onto things and tries to pull herself to a standing position.  i guess before long she'll be toddling around getting into everything!
she's crawling or more like scooting backwards.  she cant seem to figure out how to go forward!  she sticks her butt way up in the air and it looks like she's trying to stand up.  or sometimes she'll just rock back and forth on her hands and knees.  whats interesting is she started doing this at storytime one day when she saw all the other kids cruising around on there hands and knees.  i really think babies learn from watching others.  i could tell she really wanted to try this new mobile way of getting around "crawling" that the other kids were doing.
another thing she learned from watching is to eat her puffs.  its her first finger food.  for the longest time i'd lay some puffs on her tray and she would just play with them but wouldn't put them to her mouth.  then the other day i let her take the puff out of my hand instead of laying it on the tray and she slowly used her other hand to guide the puff into her mouth as she watched me eat one.  it was cute.
we're also going to start teaching her some baby sign language.  it seems she understands more then we think.  she definitely understands a few of the words were saying.
im making a special 8 month dinner tonight. =)

first time in a swing

you can barely see the little teeth

Thursday, April 12, 2012

iphone love...

first time in a shopping cart
top made by auntie joy

too cool for preschool

happy birthday kiley!

E.T. phone home

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"springtime goodies for a springtime sweetie"

there was a package on our doorstep addressed to a ms. lucy lindamood.
ms. lucy lindamood was tres excited when she saw that the particular box was marked from gilt!  she quickly clapped her hands in excitement.
the contents of the box was a giant giraffe and pink striped hoodie!  
when she was told her gifts were from aunt audrey and uncle craig signed "springtime goodies for a springtime sweetie."  she ran around doing somersaults and jumping jacks very very happy!
well....not exactly, but she was very very happy and grateful.
thank you aunt audrey and uncle craig!

Monday, April 9, 2012

first easter

lucy spent her first easter at grammy and grampy's house.  it was a brisk and windy easter sunday but lucy was bundled up and ready.  she couldn't actually "hunt" for the eggs but we showed her where they were and she'd reach and pick them up.  it was cute!  grammy also made her a cute little easter bag and her very first chocolate.  we let her have a few licks of the chocolate.  she was very unhappy when i took it away.  
lucy had a lot of fun just sitting outside playing with her eggs.  she was so cute i wanted to just gobble her up like the homemade chocolates!

stole daddys bicycling magazine getting ready to rip it to shreds

warrior dash?

taylor's great dane puppy

yummy homemade easter treats

ready set easter egg hunt

there's an egg in there!

this green egg ended up being her favorite...i think her fav color is green

egg in the birdhouse

i love that face!

"daddy stuck a weed in my hair!"

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

what lucy's eating...

i stopped at whole foods yesterday and bought a bunch of yummy fresh veggies for lucy.  being at whole foods inspires me to cook healthy nutritious foods for her.  they have a wider variety of organic produce then our local grocery.  i picked up carrots, zucchinis, and peas.  what made me go back were those peas!  i bought some last week and they were so yummy lucy loved them.  i myself had never imagined pureed peas could be so sweet and delicious!  this time i mixed all three veggies together.  i took a taste myself and thought i'd never tasted yummier veggies.  since making my own baby food i've been surprised by how tasty veggies can be with nothing added to it.  you can really taste the sweetness from the vegetables themselves when your not adding spices and oil.  nate and i often steal lucys food. =)

we do still keep some store bought baby food on hand for when were out and about.  its easy to just throw them in your bag and go.  and there's no cleanup.  im also a sucker for great packaging and they make those baby food pouches so colorful and yummy looking!  the variety and combinations they have are also great.  it would be difficult for me to hunt down some of those ingredients too especially if they're not in season. 

lucy's learned now how to suck the food out of the pouches.  she uses it like a straw.  so we figured she must be ready for a straw.  i bought her a lollacup (another genius baby product) and have been trying to get her to use it.  she's actually only used the straw to draw up water from the cup one time, mostly she just chews on it like a toy.  i don't understand why if she knows how to suck the food from the pouches why she won't also drink from the straw.  maybe i just need to put something yummier in the cup then water.  she does however know how to use a regular sippy cup.  but i figured whats the point of her getting used to that when eventually she'll be using a cup with a straw.  

i love watching her eat these pouches its so so cute! 

see how pretty and yummy they look.  they taste pretty good too i've tried!