Tuesday, September 23, 2014

leadville vs strider race

in august nate and lucy each had their own bike races.  lucy had her first bike race on her strider.  super cute race from ages 2-6.  i couldn't believe how little some of these kids were.  a real course and registration check in and everything.  she got a jersey as part of her registration and she wanted to wear that thing everyday.  she's since talked about wanting to do another race.

nate got to do the leadville 100 mountain bike race.  it's something he's been dreaming of doing since we were living in ohio.  never imagining that one day we'd be living in colorado.  it was a grueling race that lasted over 11hrs for him.  i think he had 15min to spare before the cutoff.  he made it just in time and got his silver buckle!  i've never attended anything like this event before.  so many inspiring people from all ages.  i think the youngest was 18 and the oldest 80.  men, women alike.  watching these people race that are twice my age for 100miles at over 10,000ft elevation is beyond anything i've ever seen.  very inspiring to say the least.  i would consider nate to be in pretty good shape but some of these people are in really really good shape!  it was also really neat to watch some of the pro mountain bikers with their whole team and crew.  lucy and i were nates little crew and we met up with him at two seperate points along the race route to give him food and water and to cheer him on.  so proud of him for finishing!  and glad he was able to check something off his bucket list.

"I'm going to take you down!"

founders of the leadville race ken chlouber, and merilee mauqin

some pics nate took along the race

at one of the pit stops

this is kind of gross, but what nate dug out of his pockets after the race

david wiens 6 time champ

Monday, September 22, 2014

fall foliage

went on a hike to see some fall foliage this past weekend.  i'm starting to enjoy the hikes that lead up to lakes.  they seem to be my favorite hikes.  a few weeks ago we hiked up to a beautiful lake called blue lake, by far my favorite hike since moving to colorado and i didn't bring my camera.  so this time i made sure i lugged my big 'ole camera with me.  this is called lost lake, up by eldora.  there were a handful of campsites around the lake.  lucy had so much fun making "soup" in the lake that i could see us trying to camp up there sometime.