Sunday, December 22, 2013

"..over the river and through the woods to breckenridge we go…"
off to the mtns for a few days.  i hope it dumps!  please santa.

Friday, December 20, 2013


drum roll please*** lucys using chopsticks!  nate and i watched in awe at dinner the other night as lucy devoured two plateful of noodles with her chopsticks!  we have never taught this girl how to use chopsticks nor have we even encouraged it.  so you can imagine our surprise when she asked for her own set of chopsticks and proceeded to pick up one of the most slippery food items to tackle with chopsticks!  go asian genes!  mommas proud of you!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

when lucy uses her kaleidoscope it cracks me up.  she can't quite master how to keep one eye closed and one eye open.  we tried to show her how we do it.  so then she just squints both eyes shut.  too funny!
went to the boulder bookstore for a grinch who stole christmas reading.  while other kids were a little leery of the grinch she ran right up to him after the story to get her picture taken.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

pics from the weekend

there has been tons of free kids activities around town with the holidays this month.  we've been trying to take advantage of all of them.  friday night there was a showing of charlie brown's christmas or a christmas music event at our church.  we picked the event at our church even though it wasn't free but it was for a good cause.  our church collaborated with the boulder symphony for a fun holiday music show.  in my mind i thought it was "jingle, bells" and "santa's coming to town" which right now lucys favorite song is jingle bells.  it turned out to be traditional christmas songs and hymns.  still very beautiful and lucy sat through the entire hour and forty-five minutes of.  halfway through nate and i looked at each other and both thought the same thing, should've picked charlie brown! lol!  afterwards we walked down the street for our favorite nutella desert.
the next day lucy got to see santa on pearl street.  she literally ran up to santa and had the biggest grin sitting there in his lap.  that evening she got to see santas reindeers and santa again at macys.  what a treat to be able to see santa twice in one day!
we skipped church sunday and decided to head to denver to the museum of nature and science.  now why haven't we been there sooner?  awesome place!
we had a fun filled weekend.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

"o christmas tree, o christmas tree forever green your branches…"  at least let's hope so this year.  we picked the coldest day of the year to go get our tree.  it was single digits and lucy was shivering the whole time.  sometimes we fail miserably at putting proper clothes on our child.  we thought she'd be warm?? fail.  she was still pretty excited about it though.  leading up to the day she kept talking about decorating the tree with "O-NA-MENTS" and putting purple lights up (her favorite color).  she never stops talking about her favorite color or pointing out whatever "PU-PLE" (silent r) thing she spots.  she was pretty excited to find santa at the tree farm too!  she had her first taste of a candy cane.  we picked out a pretty tree and they roped it to our roof and we hurried home to get it into water.  we are having way better luck this year and the tree is still looking pretty good.  last year our tree died within a few days.  we've always had fake trees until we moved to boulder and didn't bring our tree, not that it would have fit anywhere its 14'.  i've enjoyed the real trees the last two years.  they sure do smell good!  and doesn't require as many O-NA-MENTS to decorate!  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

there's been lots of christmas activity around here lately.  lucy's constantly talking about going to see santa.  fortunately santa is down on pearl street every saturday.  and we've spotted santa quite a few times lately here and there.  we were downtown for the parade of lights last weekend and despite the single digit temps we had a lot of fun.  lucy enjoyed it quite a bit and didn't want to leave.  tonight we went to the library and watched a free holiday dance show.  did i mention i love our library! 
i can't believe it's two weeks 'till christmas!

look at the three little ornaments lucy put up all right next to each other, so cute

gingerbread we decorated at church for advent brunch

first christmas gift under the tree! it lasted 5minutes.  we are NOT putting any more presents under the tree until lucy goes to bed on dec. 24th

Monday, December 9, 2013

there is nothing like the feeling of being on the chairlift headed up for your first run of the season.  we decided to spend thanksgiving at beaver creek since we have no family around.  it was their opening weekend and there were plenty of festivities that were great for lucy too.  lucy actually looked forward to "mountain school" everyday.  we called daycare "mountain school" to drum it up a bit.
we had a lot of fun checking out beaver creek, our goal is to visit all the different mountains and find our favorite.  beaver creek is a great mountain for kids, they sure know how to spoil kids!  chefs in white hats handed out warm chocolate chip cookies everyday at the bottom of the runs at closing time.  there was free smores at our hotel every night right after the cookies and every morning we walked down to hot chocolate in the lobby.  needless to say lucy loved it!  we'll definitely consider beaver creek next year when lucy begins ski school.  the way ski school is set up is super convenient for parents and they have a dedicated gondola for little ones to get up the bunny slope.  pretty clever so they don't have to tackle getting on and off a lift just yet.  all in all we were spoiled and had a great time over thanksgiving.  of course as soon as we got home they got hit with a foot of snow!  looks like we'll just have to get back up there sometime soon.

all my iPhone pics are acting funny here on blogger.  blurry.  probably from me sending too many pics at once.  oh well.  

she really like these frogs, she wanted to take pics with them everyday


trying to get lucy to make snow angels

she's got her own little season pass!