Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i dont know why but she loves these ugly dolls.
i think she was 2mo here and then below the other day at toys 'r us 14mo
nate said i was cruel for not buying the giant ugly dolls for her and only gave them to her to take a pic. ha!  if i bought everything she pointed at at toys 'r us, that store would be empty now!

still loving the blocks

Monday, October 29, 2012

winter is upon us...

im in love with lucy's winter looks.  she's so cute in her little pom pom hat.
we took her to check out some snow gear.  we thought she couldn't be cuter with the little mini skis, until we saw her easy, natural stance on a snowboard.  i think nates heart melted in a puddle right then and there.  too bad she'll have to start on skis first before she can try riding.  i think thats how your suppose to start them.  oh i can't wait!  she's 5 pounds away from being on skis!

hmmm...which one will she choose?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1 block, 2 block

playing with giant lego blocks at the library today.  lately, i've noticed when she plays with toys they hold her attention for longer and longer periods.  she spent quite a bit of time making her tower of blocks and redid it over and over.  towards the end i noticed she was only looking for the square pieces to add to her tower instead of the slanted pieces or rectangular ones.  she must've figured out they were much easier to stack when they are all of the same kind.

i really enjoy watching lucy play.  i learn so much and get a glimpse of how her little mind works.  a child's mind is truly amazing.

we will miss this library...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"i have an ouchie!"

lucy fell today at the zoo.  she tripped and her hands didn't reach out to catch herself so she face planted onto the concrete.  i heard a thud.  my heart skipped a beat when i saw the blood gushing out of her mouth.  thank goodness she just got a fat lip and some scratches.  i was worried about her teeth getting knocked out.  and thank goodness i was with my mommy friends!  i would've panicked and not known what to do.
the rest of the morning went smoothly, she splashed around in the stingray tank with all her friends.

poor baby girl 

Monday, October 22, 2012

boo @ the zoo

we took lucy to boo at the zoo saturday.  it was brr brr cold but that was good because it wasn't crowded.  we met lucy's BFF maddie at the zoo.  they really are best friends, they hang out all the time. lucy knows maddie by name and whenever they see each at the library they run straight towards each other and call each other by name. 
lucy LOVED the petting barn.  she went from one goat to the other tending to their coats with her red comb.  so glad she likes the petting barn, its one of my favs too.  the last couple times i took her to the petting barn she was not into the animals, and i was so disappointed.  in fact she seemed really into ALL the animals on this day.  she enjoyed the kangaroos, and stood their just watching them.  and of course the aquarium she likes.  i've been taking her to that since she was a wee babe.  she got freaked out by the skeleton diver that kept waving to her.  i have to say he was a little creepy looking.
there was an animal show that she especially enjoyed.  it's one that they show everyday during the summer.  i'm glad they brought it back special for the event.
she also petted an armadillo, a lizard, a opposum, and a madagascar hissing cockroach.  she's super into bugs right now since i showed her this bug app on my phone.  so when i saw the cockroach i quickly pointed at it and said "bug!" oh then she REALLY wanted to poke and pet that thing!  nate and i stood by watching her pet that cockroach and didn't know to feel warm and fuzzy cute or grossed out horrified.
there was also a really cute mini owl lucy wanted to pet badly.  they wouldn't let her. =(
she really likes the animals she knows, ones that we've learned or gone over in books.  like the owl, fish, bug.
i'm going to really miss taking her to the zoo once it starts getting cold out.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

we made our little way to the yellow springs festival yesterday.  it's something we've done with nate's family every year since i can remember.  we always eat at the winds cafe and i always get their seasonal pumpkin lasagna.  so delicious!
i went back and looked at our trip last year when lucy was just a few months old.  you can see that post here.  its fun to compare what we did then and now.  we sat around and let lucy just play around in the leaves and enjoy the beautiful fall day.
we gave her a sip of lemon shake up and boy was that a mistake.  we had to hide that sucker from her for the rest of the day.  she loved the alpacas and reached into their pen to try to pet them.  

i wanted to add lucys aunt macy knitted her amazing dress!  


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Hoover!

congratulations mr. and mrs. hoover!!!
it was bittersweet, our last friend to get married.  there's no more weddings or best man duties in our future.  on to the next phase of life---babies, babies, and more babies!
hope your enjoying your honeymoon, soak up some rays for me!