Thursday, May 24, 2012

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

I didn't think I would blog on vacation but I'm sitting by the pool and a little u say how can u be bored with a nine month baby in a totally foreign environment? Well Nate and I are both surprised here at the end of our first full day and were actually quite relaxed. We hit the beach this morning with Lucy nervous about all the warnings about baby's hating the beach. Well Lucy loved it. She loved being in the ocean and sat and played and the sand. When she got tired she napped in the little beach tent we brought her, for over an hour! Needless to say Nate and I were thrilled. We had time to lay out, I even got myself a piƱa colada, floated in the crystal clear ocean. And now were sitting at the pool drinking a beer staring at Lucy's monitor for the last 2.5 hrs! That's how long shes been sleeping. So...I guess vacations going pretty good hehe :) It's really not too different from our past vacays other then now we have a wonderful and beautiful baby girl. No pictures because I can't figure out how to send them. :(

Monday, May 21, 2012

i really should be packing instead of blogging.  ughhh but i needed a little break while lucy's napping.  im really not sure what i've gotten us into by planning a trip with lucy.  i'm excited for our beach trip but nervous too.  everyone i've spoke to that have taken their baby to the beach has said it was a lot of work and their baby's hated the ocean but loved the pool.  well, if i wanted to go to the pool i'd just go down the street!

i know its not going to be like our trips in the past, no lounging around reading magazines.  laying on the beach the ENTIRE day with only a care about "hmm, am i getting an even enough tan?" no going to the spa and staying there all day.  or hopping around the island in search of the perfect desolate beach, and finding all the local hangouts and yummy foods...but i'd like to think that we'll have some fun showing lucy new things and watching the excitement on her face as she sinks her feet into the sand for the first time.  watching her look out at the waves with curiosity, wondering whats going through her little head as she takes in all the newness.

anyways too late for any doubts we're leaving wednesday and i gots to get back to packing instead of lollygagging on the internet!!!

leave you with some iphone pics...
lucys greens

i love my peonies

fell asleep standing

two men and a baby

"take me please!"

nate left fresh cut roses in lucys room this morning, sweet.

Friday, May 18, 2012

happy 9 months!

we celebrated lucy's 9 month with a big 'ole pizza!  lucy even got a little taste of it. =)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

lucy's becoming more and more mobile.  a part of me is excited at her new mobility and another part of me is thinking "uh-oh".  she's able to move around and keep herself occupied by getting into everything which is good but i have to keep a close watch now.  i guess that probably means we should start thinking about baby proofing the house.  i still think as long as i'm keeping an eye on her its all good.  she seems to listen pretty well when i tell her "no you can't eat that" she usually stops trying to put whatever it is into her mouth.  all of our furniture are pretty sturdy big pieces so now that she's scaling our furniture i'm not too worried about that either.

on another note, lucy is sick again.  she had her first fever this past weekend.  nate was worried, pretty worried.  i was eh so so.  i kept reminding myself that fevers are our bodys natural way of fighting off the bug.  we did end up giving her some ibuprofen when her fever reached 103.  she's a lot better now but is having difficulty drinking her milk...her nose is clogged up so she's breathing through her mouth.
anyhow i hope she gets better soon before we leave for our vacation next week.

i thought this picture was super cute.  she loves that darn cat so much!  too bad its not reciprocated.

Monday, May 14, 2012

hmmm...looks like lucy got a hold of the computer and posted on the blog yesterday.  thank you baby girl, and thank you daddy.  im sure daddy helped you with it. =)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

thank you mommy.

things i am thinking but can't say yet... thank you for feeding me at just right times everyday thank you for keeping me occupied all day while daddy is at work thank you for the countless hours of research that goes into me thank you for cooking,cleaning,washing,folding,sterilizing,changing,clothing,etc thank you for rocking me to sleep and being concerned when i'm sick thank you for reading me books thank you for teaching me sign language thank you for my friends at mommy's group thank you for letting me watch you at baby boot camp thank you for your patience thank you for always knowing thank you for your love thank you teaching daddy all of the above thank you for being my mommy. i love you, lucy
moth·er [muhth-er] 1. a female parent.

that is the definition in the dictionary.  oh but how that word means so much more then just a simple female parent.  being a mother has been the greatest joy i've ever experienced.  there is so much love, tears, laughter, worry, joy that i never imagined.  i am constantly daunted at what a great responsibility it is to raise a child.  they are little innocent minds that we try to mould and direct hopeing in the right direction.  it is a responsibility that i take great pride in.  i never imagined myself loving being a mother.  but i do.  i am honored to be a mother to little lucy.  i love you baby girl!  you bring so much joy to my life.  thank you.

happy mothers day to all the hardworking mothers of the world!   

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

let me out!

lucy has discovered a new place to play.  her latest favorite is in the corner of our bedroom where there are two windows and curtains billowing around.  the windows have been open lately because of the nice weather.  she loves to make her way over to this little corner and pull herself onto the ledge and look out at the trees.  after she gets tired of standing she plays with the curtains.  i've never seen anyone so happy with some curtains but whatever makes her happy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

pool time!

i bought lucy a little pool to sit in since the weathers been so nice.  she loves the water, were really excited about that since mommy and daddy's favorite place is the beach!
i can see us using this little pool a lot while we work on the yard.  thats exactly what we did this past weekend.  i love working in the garden, its very therapeutic for me to put my gardening gloves on and go digging around in the flower beds. =)  our beds have been thoroughly neglected since lucy came on the scene.  nate and i whipped them back into shape last weekend.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

lucy is officially crawling! yay!!! hmmm..maybe i shouldn't be that excited it means she's going to get into everything.  the crawling is not very graceful but she's definitely getting her little body around.  if you can imagine it, it looks more like a frog with a broken leg trying to hop.
she's still more interested in pulling herself up to a standing position at our coffee table and trying to get into everything.  or she'll persistently tug at my leg until i pull her up and help her walk around.  so we'll see once she practices her crawling a bit more which mode of transportation she'll prefer.

lunch time with daddy!

happy birthday sunara!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

all i can do was laugh at her.  she was so cute but frustrated at the swim cap.
obviously we didn't purchase it.  i also took back the sunglasses i thought for some reason she might wear.  nope, not a chance.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

so lucy is 8.5 months now and she's still not crawling, but she's shown an interest in walking.  so i've decided to work with her as much as she wants on walking.  my mom said i was a really early walker so i have a feeling little lucy might just skip the whole crawling shenanigan and go straight to walking.  

how adorable are those pink converse!  she gets so many comments on them.  thank you garrick and molly!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

i may be biased...but she is the cutest baby in the world.