Thursday, January 22, 2015


we had our third christmas here in colorado.  with lucy being 3 this year there's a lot more incognito presents going on.  i still managed to buy a few gifts for her WHILE she was with me.  she never knew.  frozen and elsa was a huge deal this year for lucy.  she had been asking for elsa stuff for quite some time and we always just answered "maybe for christmas."  she got quite a few frozen stuff and her biggest request has been an elsa dress, elsa shoes, and elsa gloves.  can you tell she really wants to dress up as elsa?  she got the shoes and the dress, but was a little disappointed she didn't get the gloves.  we had to leave some stuff for the rest of the family to get her right?  she got the gloves from nana when we went to ohio for christmas.  
after our christmas morning at home, we got on a plane and flew back to ohio for two weeks...

the much anticipated elsa shoes

checking on the goodies in her stocking

lucys gift to nate

superhero costume

santa on pearl st

watching the animals parade down the aisle at church

live nativity service at church with real animals and real baby jesus

animals for the live nativity at church

christmas eve candlelight service.  the girls first time holding candles