Friday, February 28, 2014

we've been in the midst of potty training and i think we have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel.  that tunnel hasn't really been that long.  we started exactly a month ago, and today would be day five that she has been accident free.  she hasn't had a pee accident in a long time.  i can't even remember when the last time that was maybe over 2 weeks ago?  she figured out the peeing very quickly.  the pooping has taken longer.  that was her last accident a poop one.  but she's been great the last five days.

lucy initiated the potty training.  i didn't push her and barely even talked about it.  we read a few potty books here and there but one day she just decided she wanted to pee and poop on the potty.  and she did both on the big potty with a toilet ring the first two days with zero accidents and we thought wow! this is going to be easy peasy.  then we took a trip to vail and i think that set her back a bit, along with my constant nagging.  i was so worried that she was going to have an accident i reminded her too much which resulted in her pushing back.  so for about a week she refused to go on the potty at all.  i was getting so frustrated and thought it was never going to happen.  i was also so tempted to put the diaper back on and just try a different time, but all my mom friends said don't put the diaper back just keep going.  so so glad i listened to them.  i let off on nagging her and voila she started going on the potty again.  we used stickers and M&Ms as a reward.  i never bought a small potty for her, didn't see a point in retraining from a small potty to the big potty later on.  she also goes on the public toilets with no problems.  the last few days has been especially great because she's been coming to me to tell me when she needs to go, i've not had to remind her.  we still put diapers on at night, and i'm not too sure how to go about night training.  a part of me just wants to jump into it, thinking after a few accidents at night she'll learn, but then i read different articles saying if their diapers are still wet in the mornings then they aren't ready.  right now i'm just happy she's potty trained during the day.

overall it's been a pretty quick process at least from what i've heard of other kids experiences.  i know this post is not particularly interesting but this is more for me, i want to remember how the process went.  and maybe it might be useful to lucy one day.  

Saturday, February 22, 2014

the leverettes came to visit us last week!  lucy had been talking about haddie visiting for weeks, she was so excited to see haddie.  we swooped them up from the airport and headed to keystone for a few days. the conditions were great and it was so much fun to have friends to ski with.  haddie did ski school the first day and by the second day she was skiing like a champ!  so proud of her.  can't wait until lucy is on skis.
keystone was beautiful, it was our first time there.  from the top you could see breckenridge in the distance.  i liked that i wasn't staring down on I-70 when coming down the front side of the mountain like at all the other ski resorts.  it was prettier!  i didn't expect to like keystone as much as i did, definitely a very family friendly ski place too.
after three nights in keystone we headed back to boulder.  they had two nights in boulder and we got to show them around.  it was wonderful to be able to share the draw of boulder with them.  i think now they truly understand how torn we are between colorado and ohio.  we took them hiking a few times, checked out the bike park and had a few great meals.  i could tell they loved the active lifestyle here and the sunny 60 degree weather was not too shabby either. 

so happy the levs came out to visit!  can't wait 'till you guys move out here ;)
miss you guys so much!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

lucy got to go sledding for the first time a few weeks ago.  she wasn't scared but she wasn't that into it until her little friend lucia showed up.  then those two girls couldn't get enough sledding!  they were flying down the hill by themselves.  i got on the sled to see how fast the girls were going, and i was surprised at how fast they were going and loving it!  even i was a little nervous.  but so glad they loved it.  they even loved it going backwards.  little daredevils!

playing football with a few other kids.  lucy really liked that and cried when she didn't get the ball ha!

Friday, February 7, 2014

cheering on the U.S.!  5min into watching the olympics last night she asked for her american flag.  i assume she saw people on tv waving their flags?  pretty funny she stood in front of the tv and started waving her flag fanatically.  she thinks she's watching shaun white in the slopestyle.  sorry honey, he pulled out of that category.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

 we came home from vail to the most beautiful nighttime scene of boulder we have seen.  everything was completely covered in snow.  every single branch was laden with fluffy snow.  we woke up the next morning to an even more brilliant scene as the sun was out and everything sparkled.  we had to get out for a hike, just out our back door is wonderland lake.  the sky was so blue.  everything was so beautiful.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

 we drove into the coming storm last thursday, to get to vail for some out of this world riding.  over 30" in two days!  i got stuck in drifts waist deep!  nate and i both admitted to chuckling under our breath throughout the day.  it was pretty fun!
off to the hot tub in the snow, pretty beautiful wish i had a pic.  we admired the fire blazing and snow falling all from the hot tub. lucy enjoyed it!

i can see our room from the lift! those rocks in the creek, covered in snow look like giant marshmallows was that steep not my fav