Monday, April 29, 2013

new shoes and la cenerentola

we scored some cool pumas for lucy from nordstrom rack this weekend.  they look super snazzy on her!  
we went and saw a children's opera put on by the boulder opera company.  it was la cenerentola or cinderella.  it was pretty long for little lucy to sit through.  an hour and fifteen minutes.  she sat through the first half.  it was good to expose her to some new things.  we'll have to give the opera another try when she's older.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

we took lucy to disney on ice a few weeks back and she enjoyed it very much.  she loves mickey and especially goofy.  i'm not sure why she favors goofy over mickey.  i'm kind of excited to share disneyland with lucy.  i love that place, we were always going there as a child.  living in california even school field trips were to there.  i think i have more fun then the average child at disney! ha!  i guess i'm just a big kid!
she clutched her little mickey and waited patiently for mickey and gang to reappear in between the acts.  but towards the end she was getting into the lion king and little mermaid acts.
i wish disneyland was closer, i'd buy a season pass and take lucy there everyday!

there's been a few signs of spring here in colorado, but not much.  flowers galore at the grocery stores and a few tulips here and there along pearl st.  i know back home my tulips must be in full bloom and the peonies probably slowly pushing up.  and the dogwood tree is probably full of beautiful white blooms.  i'm sad and missing my garden back home.  i remember each and every little flower i've planted over the years.  the fall i spent an afternoon with camryn planting purple muscaris and every spring when the flowers pop up, i remind her when we planted them together.  the english roses i carefully picked out and planted with nate.  the lilies of the valley that my mother in law joy shared with me from her garden.  and my favorite peonies that burst into bloom and are to be enjoyed briefly.  and the hydrangeas that bloom heavily and lasts through summer.  oh how i miss my garden and house!  it doesn't make the house hunting any easier here.  we are continuing our frantic search although we were able to buy a little extra time with the place here.  i feel like every free moment in the day are being spent on this house hunt.  i've become best friends with the MLS site here.  bleh!

anyways i can't wait to be settled somewhere and shake this in limbo feeling i have all the time.
hope everyone is enjoying spring!

butterfly-it's always fun when nate has a "work from home" day!

thought this little area so cute, at the whole foods in boulder.  comes with dogsize water fountains, toys and dog biscuit gumdrop machine.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


we had a grand 'ole time in aspen this past weekend with the matyacs!
it was scotty's 21st birthday.  we got 10" overnight saturday and had an amazing ride sunday!  last day of the season with no lines and the mountain practically to ourselves.
it was beautiful out there!  sometimes i wish i could lug around my camera up there instead of only my phone.  i'd probably end up taking more pictures then riding.
i wish we had more time to explore the town of aspen.  it's a very unique old mining town with a ton of boutiques that you'd never imagine would be out there.
so far the list of ski resorts we've checked out in colorado are eldora, copper mtn, vail, and aspen/snowmass.  i think our favorites are vail and aspen/snowmass.  the drive out to aspen was 4.5hrs beautiful drive if it was just nate and myself.  lucy wasn't having much of the 4.5hr drives.  she had a complete meltdown on the way home.  although she loved the childcare in aspen.  they do a good job up there.
anyhow we had a fun weekend with our friends and can't wait for more future trips!

neat ceiling

being silly with tina

is lucy starting to look more like me?

really really good burgers here!

21st bday! yummiest gluten free cake!

do you see nate?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

we got a lot of snow! 14.5" total.  i've never seen so much snow fall all at once.  and whats amazing it's completely melted off all the roads already today.  that's how strong this sun is at this elevation.  it's crazy.  kinda scary!  i wear my sunblock daily regardless of what the weather is like.  no premature wrinkles for me, no thank you.

it was really beautiful though while the snow was coming down, we took a walk to dinner last night after it finally stopped and i snapped a few pictures.  i think I also mentioned this but we have this incredible view of the flatirons from our condo.  our entire south facing walls on both floors are made up of windows and really take advantage of the flatiron views.  i wish i could set my camera up and just snap pictures of those majestic peaks throughout the day.  they constantly change, from bright and jagged to moody and misty, to snow covered with the peaks barely peaking through.  a lot of times during lucy's naps i just sit here and stare at them.  i'll miss this view once we move in june.  which leads me to our current dilemma.  we are house hunting frantically and there is just nothing on the market right now.  i'm not sure whats going to happen, probably end up in a short term lease somewhere while we continue to look.

we're taking a break this weekend though while our friends come into town for some spring skiing in aspen.  we are looking forward to the matyacs and scotty's 21st!

Friday, April 5, 2013

some pictures from my phone:

there was a day or two where she went out in public looking like a little hobo.  emma brought an apron she used to play with and a hat that nana made.  lucy wanted to wear these all the time.  i thought she looked quite cute!

book i'm currently reading, i like it! new perspective to child rearing. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

emma's visit

emma came to visit us on her spring break!  we had a lot of fun hanging out with a teenager.  it made me think about when lucy gets older and what that would be like.  let me tell you it's way way easier taking care of a 13 yr old rather then a 1.5yr old.  a part of me wants to enjoy lucy as a kid but another part of me can't help wondering how much easier it will get the older she is.  it will be nice i imagine.

we bought a carrier for lucy while emma was here so that we could all go hiking.  we did a few hikes and they were pretty awesome.  i think were really going to enjoy hiking out here as long as nate is hauling lucy's butt around.  climbing up a steep side of a mountain is already pretty tough i can't imagine what carrying an extra 20 pounds on your back is like.  i can see why people get addicted to hiking and climbing, the views are pretty rewarding at the top and it just makes you want to find higher and bigger mountains for the view.

we had fun emma! hope you'll be back soon, lucy's already been asking about you today!