Monday, August 20, 2012

oh man we had a crazy weekend! there was lucy's birthday, a mom's night out, nate's baptism, and our first annual draft party (which took ages and ages!) but i'm excited for the season.
i can finally take a breathe of air and think wow i made it through the weekened alive and in one piece with clarity and sanity of mind.

man i am so far behind on my pictures, one of these days i'll get EVERYTHING done, my house will be spotless, i'll have zero loads of laundry, my floors will be so clean you can eat off them, all of my emails will be replied to, i'll look perfectly beautiful everyday when nate walks in the door, and they'll be homemade deserts everyday....but just for now i'm going to focus on living in the moment with lucy. =)

i'm looking forward to packing up and heading to some clear blue waters for some r&r.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

and just like that she turned 1...

recently someone told me when your raising kids the days are long but the years are short and fast.  nothing could be truer about this past year.  of course there have been days where i'm counting down the hours until nate gets home or until her nap time.  but in a blink of an eye my baby has turned one.  and i wish i can go back and relive those moments and really LIVE in the moment.  i've been told to live in each and every moment with your child instead of worrying about getting everything done and checking off your list.  because the years are short and before we know it lucy will be a teenager and i'll be wracking my brains trying to remember what she was like when she was one.

i love you dear baby girl.  hope you had a wonderful day today.  happy birthday!

a year old.

(daddys post)

from 1 day to 1 year.  just like that.

Friday, August 10, 2012


she was completely adorable at the grocery pushing her own little cart.  we stood there for at least 10 minutes taking pictures of her pushing her mini cart around.  
and yes, my baby is barefoot...always!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iphone love

***happy bday carrie***lucy&sunglasses***meniscus***dinner dates***

Thursday, August 2, 2012

lucy's doing a lot better this week, especially this weekend when she was surrounded by love.  she had both sets of grandparents at her beck and call.  oh, she sure loved it.  you can see the happiness and excitement in her face having so many people loving on her.  i enjoyed seeing that. =)

we also got to go out a bit with our friends this weekend.  it was an enjoyable weekend.

she loves her "cam cam"
lucy really likes my dad.  its quite amazing actually whenever she's getting a little cranky my dad will swoop her up and they will sit outside for half hour at a time.  he talks to her about everything and points at the birds and bees and whatever.  i don't even know what they talk about for half an hour but she'll sit quietly nestled in his lap just listening to him.  it's sweet.
lucy loves her "ah gon" 

grammy made lucy a hat! it matches her sunglasses.

listening to the reds with grampy

two of her favorite people.
we used to hang out with our friends every weekend sometimes a few times a week.  our times together  are few and far between now but it makes it even more special and fun!

i love this group of guys!

our sweetest couple! love you guys!