Wednesday, June 27, 2012

on the weekends nate cooks lucy up yummy breakfasts.  i'm such a follow the book recipe kind of cook but nate just throws whatever is healthy together and adds a little of lucy's favorites and voila he's created something she loves.  one of his most recent creations is scrambled egg yokes with parmesan chz, peas and bananas.  lucy loves it!

a gift that lucy received from grammy and grampy before she was born is this adorable little ladybug riding toy.  she's been playing with it for awhile now but only recently have we sat her on it.  her legs can't quite reach the ground so we just push her around on it.  it's one of her favorite things to do right now.  we get going pretty fast too.

a month after we're back from the beach she decides to wear her sunglasses, go figure.

comfest, quite different this yr with a baby.

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