Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

lucy's cutting her top two teeth and she's been a cranky mess.  all she wants to do is be held by me.  this is so not like her normal self.  she's always such a happy, independent little girl.  can't wait till she finishes teething!  at least i know what's wrong with her.  last time when her bottom teeth were coming up we didn't know and she was a cranky mess and i thought omg what happened to my sweet girl someone took her and replaced her with a monster.  well at least this time i know it's short lived.

in other lucy news she's been talking and repeating all kinds of words.  a few of her words she's saying now: ball, pop, bubble, da da, gon(chinese grandpa), yum yum which sounds more like nom nom, fish with a silent f, hat, kick, and my mom claims she said lucy the other day.

she's been doing this cute little wiggle and shake of her shoulders when she hears music.  i need to work on getting some video footage of this.  she also kicks and throws the ball which nate is extremely proud of.  i hate to see the day when she tells him "i don't want to play ball daddy."

she loves shoes, and tries to put them on her feet.  she even tries to pull other kids shoes off at the library.

still not walking yet.  by this time both nate and i were walking pretty strong.  nate started at 10 months and i was 11 months.  well at least she's getting more practice with my parents here.  lucy's got some catching up to do.  

cute barrets that grammy made

cranky mess!

crank face because my parents stopped for a picture


learning to feed herself

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

lucy had a taste of oranges for the first time this past week.  she gnawed on the orange till there was only pulp left and juice running all over her arms.  that girl wont eat her normal food but when it comes to fruits she'll take any of them.

Friday, July 20, 2012

nate is very proud.  watching the tour de france as she signs bicycle.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ah ma, ah gon are here!

lucys ah ma and ah gon are here!  yay!  they arrived monday night and we went to pick them up.  lucy had her own little sign that said grandma and grandpa in chinese on it.  when she saw them for the first time she could not stop smiling.  i wonder what was going through her mind as she saw them in the flesh for the first time.  she's always only seen them on skype.  but she definitely knew them and who they were.  she had a permanent smile on her face the whole ride home.  she couldn't stop staring at them.  it's been great since they've been here, all the extra helping hands.  i can feel a change in myself already after two days.  so much more relaxed and at ease.  we went and ran errands yesterday and nate and i both noticed how much easier it is with my parents being here.  too bad there not here all the time but i'm going to enjoy it for the next 2 months.

lucys 11 months today!! she just started really using her little walker around.  this started monday after i took her to the little gym where all the other kids were all walking.  immediately after she came home she jumped on that walker and started pushing it along.  prior to that she'd been cruising on furniture and our hands but she really didn't like to use the walker.  see i always knew she just needed a little motivation!

we also worked on finger painting over the weekend.  it was fun for us and lucy!  i'd like to have more art projects for her to do.

gift my aunt sent for lucy

daks outfit!

lucy loves this hat, its my dads

Sunday, July 15, 2012

littles birthday party

ashley and bobby, lucy's seen bobby 3 times this week!
yesterday lucy got to experience one of her friends 1st birthday partys.  it was super cute!  i love to see her play and interact with other kids.  i think she really enjoys being around other kids her age.  it was also fun for nate because he got to see lucy hanging out with her friends.  he's never experienced that and said it was interesting to watch her just go off and play with the other kids.  he also got to meet some of my new mommy friends that i'm always talking about.  i'm looking forward to getting together with them this month for "moms night out."
lucy got a bunch of kisses from the birthday boy it was beyond cute i wish i had a picture of her first boy kiss.  he went straight for the lips too!

bobby, lucy, cora, ryan

these two are so funny! lucy was getting cranking at the end of the party and little bobby said here let me help you with that leaned over and gave her a nice shove to the ground.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

pearly whites

we started on brushing lucys teeth lately.  every night if we remember she gets to brush her teeth.  she knew all about teeth brushing already by watching her baby signing time.  but i also let her watch me do it the first time before we gave her her toothbrush.  she enjoys it.  and tries to move her brush around in her mouth.  she likes it so well she cries when we take her toothbrush away.  i think she thinks its some kind of game.  hope she'll like brushing her teeth this much when she's ten.
oh and she really on has 3.5 teeth.

Friday, July 13, 2012

a moment of peace and quiet and i choose to spend it on this blog.  sigh.  lately its been harder and harder to find a quick moment to blog.  but it's always at the back of my mind that i need to upload my pictures and update the blog.  i'm amazed at how people keep up with this stuff with 4 or 5 kids!

lucys been eating much better the last few days which has been a relief for me.  i can actually feel how less stressed i am because of this one little thing.  the last few days she's had three square meals a day and about 3 bottles.  she always does really good on her morning and night bottle.

we went to the pool twice this week.  and also checked out the toddler zone at the elizabeth blackwell center.  i cannot say enough good things about that place.  they have so many good programs for new moms and kids.  a friend told me about a place near me called the little gym that we're going to check out on monday.  i like how close it is and kinda excited to see what it's all about.

my parents are arriving early next week and i'm super excited.  it will be nice for them to visit with lucy and i'll have a few extra hands to help out.  nate and i are also looking forward to having some extra time to ourselves.

gotta go start on dinner before lucy wakes up.  its asian stir fry tonight. yum!

a picture from awhile back, i miss those chubby cheeks and arms. she's skinnier now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

life's been a little hectic lately.  it's been racing past me like a roller coaster.  all i can do is sit tight and buckle my seat belt a little tighter.  we're going through a rough patch with lucy.  her eating habits have been stressing me out a bit lately.  she seems to be weaning herself off the bottle but then also not completely on solids yet.  so it makes me feel that she's not getting all the nutrition she needs.  i need to just let it go and remember that the child will eat when she's hungry.  but i've always been real particular about her eating.  i used a app that kept track of everything she ate probably for the first 6 months.
so along with boycotting her bottle she's also boycotting the stroller.  she used to love being in there and pushed around.  other moms have told me its just a phase.  i sure hope so.  i guess when your learning how to walk and be mobile the last thing you want to do is be strapped into a seat immobile.
i'm also dealing with some kind of weird rash on my legs that the dr cant figure out.  what's the saying..."when it rains it pours." anyways, im just being poopy today.  i guess we'll all have those days.  i thought i'd share so that people don't read this blog and think my life is like rainbows and flowers everyday.

Monday, July 9, 2012

max is what my friends like to call "creeping" in our picture.  i took this picture when nate requested a pic of lucy in the middle of his workday.  i took a quick picture of me and lucy on the phone and sent it away.  nate pointed out to me that max hijacked the picture.  what a funny little grumpy cat.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

hooray for the 4th!  i love holidays in the middle of the week.  our friend sunara and tyler threw a killer 4th party with fireworks and all.  for the special occasion i dusted off my pie and pastry bible and made cream puffs.  i wish i had the time to make these all the time.  they are so yummy and remind me of my childhood.  we had a family friend that would make these all the time.  one day my mom got the recipe and me and her decided to make some ourselves.  i was so excited!  until they came out of the oven flat as pancakes lol!

they really aren't that time consuming, i still managed with lucy yanking at my legs.  i guess you learn to adapt your cooking style.  become much faster.  one thing i know thats different, cooking used to be so relaxing and therapeutic.  now its a mad rush trying to get everything done and cleaned up before either lucy wakes up from a nap or has had enough of playing in the pantry.

we took lucy to watch her first fireworks yesterday.  it was so dark outside i only managed a picture of the fireworks and no lucy pic. =(  it was fun though we biked up to the reservoir sat up on the dam and watched the fireworks over the water.  beautiful.  i don't think i've ever seen fireworks over water.  the reflection is so pretty.  lucy seemed to like it despite it being an hour past her bedtime.  she tried to reach out and touch the fireworks every time one went off.  she also made little oooh aahhh sounds so cute!  afterwards a storm started rolling in and we rode our bikes home in the storm, it was exhilarating.  i think i might've enjoyed riding through the storm more then the actual fireworks.  all in all it was quite the experience for little lucy.  out past her bedtime in the dark watching fireworks and sitting on the front of a bike through the rain and lightening.  it's good to expose your child to different experiences right? =)

this is a bonus pic from my phone.  she's so sweet 

Monday, July 2, 2012

last week we took lucy up to the reservoir to work on her birthday invites.  these are a few shots we got that day.  she loves balloons but i think she might be ballooned out after this.  i need to remember to save balloons for special occasions.  

over the weekend nate and i went to our first movie theater movie in over a year!  i really can't remember the last time we were at the movie theater.  it was definitely before lucy was born.  we saw prometheus.  i don't know if it's because it's been so long since i've watched a movie at the theater or if it was just a really good movie but we really really enjoyed it!

i need to really get on the ball with lucy's 1st bday party.  nate and i came close to not doing one.  even though were not planning anything big it still takes time, time that i don't really have right now. =(  but then i think i'll regret not having a 1st birthday for her.  so we decided we're going to keep it small with just family and a few close friends.  it's not like she's going to remember it.  i think the only thing i'm really excited about is watching her dig into her smash cake.  hmmm...that's if she will.  i've been to some parties where the kid has no interest in their cake whatsoever.  i doubt that will be lucy, she seems to have a thing for sweets already.

anyhow...i should be off working on the said party instead of talking about it here.  toodaloo!