Tuesday, June 12, 2012

im on a bike

 nate and i really enjoy biking.  nate really enjoys it.  he mountain bikes and road bikes whenever he gets the free time.  i prefer him on a mountain bike where he's back in the woods with less danger.  when he's out road biking i get worried.  he's training for the pelatonia again.  this will be his third year.   last year he trained but didn't get to ride in it because i had just finished my 36 hours of trying to push lucy out unsuccessfully.  but he got to go to the opening ceremony last year ha!

anyways we've been missing our leisure bike rides since lucy's been born so we finally went and got her a little bike seat.  we were debating back and forth between a bike seat or a tow behind.  we went with the bike seat.  we imagined it would be more fun for her being up close to us and being able to see everything.  well you'd think she'd be looking all around at the lovely scenery going by.  ha! all she stares at is me biking along beside her.  or her little steering wheel.  it's ok because all that matters is she's enjoying it.  and she is!

we couldn't believe they had helmets that fit her little noggins.  and we couldn't believe she actually wears it!  she actually cries when you take it off!  so the bike seat we bought is called ibert and we like it a lot.  the only negative i can think of is its not very padded.  if it were me i would've put more padding on the bottom.  there's still room for her to use it for quite a few years. or until she gets too heavy for nate.

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