Wednesday, November 30, 2011

rice cereal

lucy tried rice cereal for the first time the other night.  we decided to go ahead and give her some rice cereal even though she's only a little over 3 months.  i mixed it with her formula and we spoon fed her.  we were so excited for her first "solid" food experience, that when she cried and didn't really want it we were so disappointed.  we laughed about it and thought how silly we were to think that she would just miraculously take to eating something she's never had before and off a spoon!  we waited a bit then gave it another try.  this time she took to it!  we couldn't tell if she liked it or not.  
last night we tried giving her some again and this time i mixed it with water.  she seemed to like it a lot more then the previous night.  she ate quite a bit.  and last night slept for 8hrs straight.  not sure if it had anything to do with the rice cereal.   doctor said she could start on rice cereal at 4 months.  well she's almost 4 months and lately we've noticed she gets hungry quicker and quicker.  so we thought it was time to try some solids.  we're probably just going to stick to cereal once a day for now, but i cant wait till she really starts eating.  i'm really looking forward to making my own baby food when the time comes!
give me more!!

nom nom nom

look mommy im sitting up and eating!

Monday, November 28, 2011


thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!
im thankful for the pilgrims that landed on plymouth rock and started this holiday so that every year
i can gorge myself on this yummy yummy day!

there was lots 'ole turkey, check out lucy eyeing the turkey.  next year baby next year.

there was lots of playtime with lucy and the kids, lucy loved all the attention!

this is the reason why thanksgiving is my favorite day!

first round done~

guess i'll take a nap since everyone is stuffing their faces except me...

working off the extra pounds with some football

poor lucy only liquid diet for now

all the grandkids with nana

and finally getting ready for the next!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

no pictures mommy!

she snuggles in her towel like this every night after bath time.

Monday, November 21, 2011


we took lucy to the zoo for the wildlights this past weekend.  we think she would've enjoyed it if she was awake for it!  she slept the entire time.  i guess i would sleep too if i was all bundled up and cozy in a polar bear suit.  we did wake her up at the end and she got to see some of the lights.  we're going to take her again and not let her sleep this time.  hopefully we'll get another warm night to do this.  it was in the 50's when we went.

i think im one of the few people in their 30's that still LOVES the zoo.  i try to drag anyone and everyone i can to the zoo with me!  i remember taking my parents and cousin there thinking it would be a great outing, i think i was the only one that enjoyed it....=(   i have since realized not everyone enjoys the zoo like i do.  so i bought a zoo membership and started going there almost on a weekly basis by myself.  last year when they finally put in the polar bear exhibit i was there so often that the keepers were probably thinking "here comes that crazy girl thats obsessed with the bears!" i could sit for hours just watching those polar bears!  i love them!  naturally when i had lucy and saw the polar bear suit at carters i had to buy it and take her to the zoo in it! =)  i cant wait 'till lucy gets older and i can drag her to the zoo with me.  she'll probably turn out to be the only kid that hates the zoo because she's so sick of it!

Friday, November 18, 2011

3 moons

yay lucy is 3 months old!!!  it seems like its been more then 3 months, so much has changed and happened.  in the span of three months lucys gone on her first overnight trip to nana and grandpas house, went on her first airplane ride, saw the beach (even tho she was sleeping).  Drank her first 8ouncer!  watches tv (daddy doesnt like this).  rolls onto her side.  laughs and smiles at everything.
i think back to when i wrote the post about my first trip out with lucy and what an experience that was.  back then i never thought i'd get to the point where'd i'd be comfortable with just packing lucy in the car and going anywhere.  now we go everywhere, to the mall, take her to meet daddy for lunch.
i also remember back when lucy would not stop crying, if she wasnt eating or sleeping she was crying.  wow!! so much has changed, nate and i constantly say how lucky we are to have such a good baby.  its like someone flipped the cry switch at 5 weeks.  she never cries not even when her diaper needs changed nor when shes hungry.  i have to set my watch to feed her because she doesnt cry.  she's been sleeping every night for 10 hrs.  she always sleeps 7hrs the first stretch then wakes and eats and sleeps for another 3 hrs.  yes i know i'm very very lucky to be getting so much sleep.  the other night she slept for 10 hrs and we had to wake her up to feed her.
well we hope she continues to be a happy baby for us.  we'll see how things go when her teeth come in! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

dinner last night, nothing special but quick and yummy!  i made this meal in under an hour thats including chicken baking time!!  when you have a baby you learn to cook fast.  i cant believe im back to cooking dinner again.  after lucy i thought there is no way im going to be able to cook with a baby, how do people do it??  well three months later back on track!
and of course a lucy pic

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

city by the bay

we flew out to san francisco for my closest friends wedding last weekend.  we were nervous about the trip traveling with lucy at only two and half months old.  but she did great!  she slept the entire time on the flight out there and the flight back she did pretty good only fussing a little.  i thought i would have to pack so much stuff with such a little baby but surprisingly it wasnt too much different then when it was just the two of us traveling.  of course it is a little different with a car seat and stroller and diaper bag but it really wasnt as difficult as i thought, which is a good thing because we will be more inclined to keep traveling with lucy.  of course we also had grandmas help which made a huge difference!  we cant thank her enough for going with us on the trip!

we visit san francisco quite often with audrey being there and every time i'm there i cant get over how beautiful that city is.  im reminded that the place you live can make a world of difference in your everyday life...does that makes sense?  i love the fog, the ocean and the people there.  i feel very at home there.  i guess part of the reason is that, that was my childhood home for a few years.  my family lived there during my elementary years.  i remember going into the city on the weekends and getting dimsum, flying kites in golden gate park, the pink box filled with yummy egg custard tarts, and telling my dad to go faster and faster up and down the hilly streets.  its a beautiful place that holds some fond memories.

the wedding was so special!  nate and i both agreed it was the best wedding we've ever been a part of.  words cant really describe it and my poor pictures really dont do it much justice either.  all i can say is there was a lot of love that day up at the marin headlands!  congratulations audrey and craig!

can you believe this is airport food!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

first trip home

we took our first trip home with lucy a couple weekends ago.   she got to visit with great grandpa neff and cousin melissa.  lucy didnt get to try the yummy meal we all had in melissa's honor.  it was delish!  joy made pumpkin lasagna with b├ęchamel sauce!
we loved being home.  there was so many people there to love on her and hold her.  nate and i actually got to sit down and eat dinner together.  we had a fun time and it gave us a little taste of what its like to travel with a little one.  it prepared us for our trip to san francisco (next post).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


little lucy is a flower!  i know there's a lot of pictures but she's just soo cute!  we are so proud of our cute little flower.

daddy smelling the flower 

soaking up the rays