Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the latest with lucy...

so whats the latest with lucy?  i feel like i've neglected to update on the happenings with lucy.  we've been so busy with normal life and just trying to stay on top of everything.  you all know how it goes, you let one thing slide like the laundry and the next thing you know you have two weeks worth of laundry waiting for you.

well lets see, lucys crawling up the stairs these days.  she seems to enjoy climbing.  she goes from our living room up two flights of stairs to her bedroom to play.  she likes going to different parts of the house and hanging out.  a few of her favorite places are our closet, her bedroom, the pantry, and still the corner in our bedroom with all the windows and mommy's junk that needs babyproofed.  

we've been taking bike rides every evening since we bought the bike seat.  she loves it!

her vocabulary seems really to be taking off in the last month.  not only is she understanding things but she's signing the words.  she's been watching "baby signing time" since she was 7months and it's finally sinking in.  she signs more, milk, airplane, book, hat, and her favorite of all time ball.  she can spot a ball from a mile away and will then frantically start signing it.  along with ball, balloons are also her favorite thing to play with.  

since the last dr appt and being told by dr mahoney that lucy can now start eating three meals a day and two snacks table food.  we've been trying to figure out how to feed her.  it's been a little stressful since i've had a pretty good feeding routine down but now everythings changed and along with that were suppose to feed her protein, carbs, and veggie/fruit three times a day.  i'm thinking the dr is just trying to prepare us for when she hits the one year mark because that meal plan seems more like a toddler's diet.  nonetheless it's still daunting being responsible for someone else's nutrition.  especially someone you care deeply for. =)

another little interesting fact, lucy modeled for buybuybaby the other week.  a friend sent me a email saying buybuybaby was looking for models.  we submitted her pics and they were really excited to have her come in.  they spent a lot of time with her and seemed to like her but we'll see.  she didn't smile not once.  i think they we're really hoping for a smile.  so we'll see...  we have another one with joanne fabrics next week.  maybe she'll do better there.  its funny she's only 9 months and making money.  not sure how i feel about that.  i guess i just look at it as an activity for her.  something to get out of the house and do.

well thats it for now, we're headed to the spash pad at easton to meet some other mommas and babies.  its a hot one today!

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