Saturday, June 30, 2012

funny pic my friend took of lucy! haha its a hairband...

Friday, June 29, 2012

weeknight fun

oh my we went out on a weeknight!  we felt like such rebels.  it was fun to catch a band and have a few drinks.  definitely been awhile since nate and i have been downtown by ourselves drinking.  it was fun until i woke up this morning at 8am thinking why the hell did we stay out so late last night!  poor lucy, i've been such a vegetable today.  
we'll be going out more but probably not on a weeknight again ha!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

new hairdo

these pictures crack me up.  lucy had avocados for lunch yesterday.  not only did she eat them she squished some together in her hands and styled her hair with it. =)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

on the weekends nate cooks lucy up yummy breakfasts.  i'm such a follow the book recipe kind of cook but nate just throws whatever is healthy together and adds a little of lucy's favorites and voila he's created something she loves.  one of his most recent creations is scrambled egg yokes with parmesan chz, peas and bananas.  lucy loves it!

a gift that lucy received from grammy and grampy before she was born is this adorable little ladybug riding toy.  she's been playing with it for awhile now but only recently have we sat her on it.  her legs can't quite reach the ground so we just push her around on it.  it's one of her favorite things to do right now.  we get going pretty fast too.

a month after we're back from the beach she decides to wear her sunglasses, go figure.

comfest, quite different this yr with a baby.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

we had a great fathers day back home.  it was so peaceful and relaxing.  dennis, my father in law created his own little golf course.  it was awesome!  they're awesome like that (my in-laws) they're always creating and making stuff.  you should see christmas at their house, its a complete homemade affair.  in fact everything in that house is made by somebody in the family.  lucy played on a rocking horse that nate used to play with when he was little.  it was made by his grandpa.  i understand where nate gets his crafty side from.  i hope lucys blessed with some of those genes.

we grilled out then found a little corner in the garden to hang out.  lucy took a nap under the pine trees with her hair blowing in the wind.  as we were all sitting around outside it made me think what a great place it must've been to grow up out there.   lots of room to run around and explore.  no crazy people to bother you.  it's like your own private little world out there.  it's where nates grandparents used to live and now his parents live.  there must be so many memories.  the little corner we were sitting in was enclosed by pine trees.  those pine trees are 40 feet tall.  each one was a little christmas tree planted by his grandpa every year after christmas.  i love it.  i wish it wasn't so far, we could visit more often.

we had good food, with great people and that makes a perfect combination for an awesome father's day!

rocking horse that nate and his sisters used to play on when they were kids, made by grandpa

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

lucy's 10mo old!

i cant believe i forgot lucy's 10 months yesterday.  nate had to remind me at the end of yesterday.  see he's such a better parent then i am!

little lucy's going to be a year old soon!  oh my!!!  that means i have to figure out her birthday and everything!  oh God can you just please add 2 extra hours to our day please.  doesn't 26 hours in a day sound soo much better.  

it's been really hot lately.  i took lucy to the pool yesterday.  pretty proud of myself, i was able to hustle out the door in 15minutes.  last time we went to the pool it was a whole ordeal.  i had nate with me too. it took us an hour to get to the pool, change her get everything locked up and into the pool.  then another 30 minutes to get out of there.  of course that was our first time.  i feel a little more well seasoned now.  that's pretty much the case with everything.  things that used to be so easy and not a big deal are so much harder now.  but once you make yourself try it with a baby then it becomes easy again.  well easier at least.  i just have to keep reminding myself not to get overwhelmed and scared of trying.  just like the vacation, i feel so at ease now knowing that we've experienced that and conquered it.  i feel like i can just pick up and go with lucy on a trip and not be so stressed like the first time.
i have to laugh now thinking about the first time i took lucy to the mall by myself.  i was a stress ball, pacing outside nordstrom debating wether i should go in or not.  lol!  how times have changed.  

anyhow sorry baby girl mommy forgot you turned 10 months yesterday!  i still love you dearly!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy 1st father's day nate!

oh nate beat me to the blog this morning! =)

i will never forget the first few days after lucy's arrival.  those days were so precious and i can never get them back.  nate really amazed me at how he just stepped into the role of a father.  i always knew he would be a good dad but i never thought to the extent he is.  we were so exhausted after getting home from the hospital, you know the feeling.  bewildered, lost, yet excited about the journey your embarking on together with your significant.  i knew nate was exhausted we both were but he could not put lucy down.  he took care of her around the clock.  he changed all her diapers, fed her all her bottles, washed, cleaned all the bottles, and walked her to sleep.  he did all of it for the first two weeks of lucys life.  he was such a great dad.  i will never forget that.  he took care of lucy and he took care of me.  making sure i was recovering.  he did such a good job that i panicked when he had to go back to work.  i think he panicked a little too.  nate was the one that had to teach me how to do everything.  i didn't even know how to change a diaper.  oh he was so good.  i think if he could he would've stayed home forever to take care of lucy.  it was really hard for both of us when he went back to work.

its been so sweet watching him grow from being my husband and best friend to being a father.  i think i really lucked out!  from the minute we found out we were pregnant he was already planning all the things he would do.  the day after we found out that we were having a girl he was at the paint store buying paint and that weekend had the room painted.  and then the different projects he did for lucys room.  the bird mobile he made himself and the big wooden tree in lucys room.  he was so excited for lucy's arrival.

ten months later i'm still touched every time he walks in the door and lucy just lights up.  they have a special bond.  it makes me happy.

thank you nate for being the greatest dad you could ever be to lucy.  happy 1st father's day babe!

father's day

don't tell mommy, but i grabbed the macbook and decided to highjack the blog, in honor of father's day.  father's day means so much more this year than ever before having little lucy in our lives.  as father's day was approaching this year i found myself taking notice of other father's with their kiddo's while we were out.  i realized that there are a lot of father's out there, because everyone has kids it seems, that i otherwise would have never cared to notice!  usually when i find myself doing what everyone else is doing, which isn't often, i don't like it and i feel like just another number.  but being a father isn't like that at all.  it's like some unwritten rule or code that bonds us together no matter what and no matter where we are.  here's and example of this father code i'm talking about, like when i walk into the restroom at a restaurant or store and see another dude wrestling with a diaper change.  poopoo getting where it's not supposed to, baby not buckled into the changing station, and cries for mommy so loud it shortens my restroom break.  we glance at one and other and give that unwritten father code nod thinking, yep, been there and got though it, you got this dude, come on, represent!  or at the grocery, when i notice a dad toting around baby in a bjorn reaching for that list that was perfectly prepared by mom before he left the house, but realizes he left it in the car, or hopes he left it in the car.  come on, like we have any place in the grocery.  then add the double wammy of a 2nd person in this uncharacteristic situation of grocery store and you have all the ingredients of what i like to call the "meltdown."  now some father's will handle the meltdown just fine, but i have found that to be a very small percentage. usually they are the meltdown.  but seriously, being a father is only fun and rewarding because of the girls around me making it that, lucy and jill.  lucy makes being a father super easy because jill has created what i think is the perfect child.  i mean 10 months old and knows sign language, need i say more. jill works hard and has made my job easy when it comes to being a father.  i just have to "fall in line" so to speak.  to know how things get done and to keep consistent with the program.  being a father wouldn't be this fun and rewarding if not for lucy.  all the other father's would be jealous if they knew how special lucy is!  she melts me.  the hysterical smile and cheer when i get home from work everyday.  the comforting giggle on saturday and sunday when i pick her up out of the crib with those eyes telling me how happy she is that i am there.  so to all you father's, whom i am sure feel the same about your little munchkin and couldn't wait to get up and post it on mommy's blog this morning before the day begins, Happy Father's Day to you!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

i wanted to share two blogs with everyone that i've been reading.  one that i've been following for awhile now and another i just discovered yesterday and can't stop reading.  they both inspire me and touch me with their writing and the way they describe motherhood.  sometimes their posts bring tears to my eyes.  they are that good!  they describe emotions that i feel but aren't good enough to articulate.

rockstar diaries and 71 toes

i came upon 71 toes when reading rockstar diaries yesterday.  she had the blogger from 71 toes do a guest post on her blog.  it was a wonderful post about motherhood.

hope you guys enjoy them as much as i do.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the latest with lucy...

so whats the latest with lucy?  i feel like i've neglected to update on the happenings with lucy.  we've been so busy with normal life and just trying to stay on top of everything.  you all know how it goes, you let one thing slide like the laundry and the next thing you know you have two weeks worth of laundry waiting for you.

well lets see, lucys crawling up the stairs these days.  she seems to enjoy climbing.  she goes from our living room up two flights of stairs to her bedroom to play.  she likes going to different parts of the house and hanging out.  a few of her favorite places are our closet, her bedroom, the pantry, and still the corner in our bedroom with all the windows and mommy's junk that needs babyproofed.  

we've been taking bike rides every evening since we bought the bike seat.  she loves it!

her vocabulary seems really to be taking off in the last month.  not only is she understanding things but she's signing the words.  she's been watching "baby signing time" since she was 7months and it's finally sinking in.  she signs more, milk, airplane, book, hat, and her favorite of all time ball.  she can spot a ball from a mile away and will then frantically start signing it.  along with ball, balloons are also her favorite thing to play with.  

since the last dr appt and being told by dr mahoney that lucy can now start eating three meals a day and two snacks table food.  we've been trying to figure out how to feed her.  it's been a little stressful since i've had a pretty good feeding routine down but now everythings changed and along with that were suppose to feed her protein, carbs, and veggie/fruit three times a day.  i'm thinking the dr is just trying to prepare us for when she hits the one year mark because that meal plan seems more like a toddler's diet.  nonetheless it's still daunting being responsible for someone else's nutrition.  especially someone you care deeply for. =)

another little interesting fact, lucy modeled for buybuybaby the other week.  a friend sent me a email saying buybuybaby was looking for models.  we submitted her pics and they were really excited to have her come in.  they spent a lot of time with her and seemed to like her but we'll see.  she didn't smile not once.  i think they we're really hoping for a smile.  so we'll see...  we have another one with joanne fabrics next week.  maybe she'll do better there.  its funny she's only 9 months and making money.  not sure how i feel about that.  i guess i just look at it as an activity for her.  something to get out of the house and do.

well thats it for now, we're headed to the spash pad at easton to meet some other mommas and babies.  its a hot one today!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

im on a bike

 nate and i really enjoy biking.  nate really enjoys it.  he mountain bikes and road bikes whenever he gets the free time.  i prefer him on a mountain bike where he's back in the woods with less danger.  when he's out road biking i get worried.  he's training for the pelatonia again.  this will be his third year.   last year he trained but didn't get to ride in it because i had just finished my 36 hours of trying to push lucy out unsuccessfully.  but he got to go to the opening ceremony last year ha!

anyways we've been missing our leisure bike rides since lucy's been born so we finally went and got her a little bike seat.  we were debating back and forth between a bike seat or a tow behind.  we went with the bike seat.  we imagined it would be more fun for her being up close to us and being able to see everything.  well you'd think she'd be looking all around at the lovely scenery going by.  ha! all she stares at is me biking along beside her.  or her little steering wheel.  it's ok because all that matters is she's enjoying it.  and she is!

we couldn't believe they had helmets that fit her little noggins.  and we couldn't believe she actually wears it!  she actually cries when you take it off!  so the bike seat we bought is called ibert and we like it a lot.  the only negative i can think of is its not very padded.  if it were me i would've put more padding on the bottom.  there's still room for her to use it for quite a few years. or until she gets too heavy for nate.

Monday, June 11, 2012

lucy and i ate up all the strawberries grammy brought up.  so we decided to go find more.  we went strawberry picking this past weekend with the kiddos.  its towards the end of the season for berries but we still found quite a bit.  they're yummy and delicious so now lucy and i are back to eating strawberries again! =)

i also realized the kids are incredibly gentle with lucy.  it's so endearing to watch them take care of her.  it melts my heart 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

this picture makes me happy

berries from grammys garden

happy birthday joy! and congratulations!

arts fest

look at that face!