Friday, November 16, 2012

so i realize i've been neglecting to update about lucy.  i keep thinking "yea i'm going to get to it right after i finish the ten thousand other things i gotta do."  i want to write this eloquent post about all her accomplishments but in reality it's just not happening.  so before it gets away from me anymore i'm just going to document it here bullet point style.
the important point is that its getting documented, right?

  • she's really come out of her shell lately.  she yells and makes funny faces and runs around.  when she's comfortable with her surroundings she's very much a different girl.  
  • with this new found personality she's also become even more independent.  she wants to feed herself all the time.  absolutely refuses to be fed by us and has to do everything herself.  she uses utensils at dinner time.  ate an entire bowl of spaghetti and meatballs by herself last night with a spork.
  • after hearing from my friend that her friends daughter says 50 words we were curious about lucy's vocabulary so we counted one day and she's up to 50 words that she can say.  its probably up to 60 or more now, everyday there's a handful of new words.  and these are ones she says and knows what it means.  it doesn't include all the other stuff that she understands but doesn't say.  she constantly surprises me with what she understands.
  • she's also wanting to climb up and down the stairs upright like us normal people.  i still want her to scoot down on her butt or crawl up the stairs just because its safe and easier.  but she seems determined to hold onto the railing and take it one step at a time.
  • she watched her first disney movie last night "brave" ate popcorn and got about a quarter of the way through.  pretty good attention span i feel for her age.  she's definitely going to be more of an observer. 
  • we've been experimenting with different art mediums: crayons, markers, paints, chalk.
  • she LOVES spaghetti and meatballs and pizza and ice cream.  
  • she has 6.5 teeth, still not very many
  • she likes to read by herself more so then being read to.  nate bought her a bible recently and she says "bible" and "jesus" got to get a recording of her saying jesus, it sounds pretty funny.
  • she wants to feed her stuffed animals now.  i don't know what this means but only that maybe she's starting to understand about emotions and feelings? in the mornings if you watch the monitor you will see her trying to shove her pacifier into her bunnys mouth.
  • she smiles for the camera now or when you ask her to smile, this was a recent discovery. some things i just don't know where she picks it up from or even how?  a perfect example of why a childs mind is truly amazing.
  • when we tell her it's time to go to sleep, she gets up and proceeds up the stairs to bed by herself.  the first time she did this nate and i looked at each other in surprise.  too bad she can't climb into bed herself ha!  we'll see how good she is about going to bed when she gets older.
  • she wakes me up in the morning now with "mammy, maMMY, MAMMY!" 

so there you go a few updates about lucy, and yea even with bullet points this still took me a few days.

15mo in 2 days

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

to eat or not to eat

lately lucy has resumed eating.  nate and i are almost fearful to even bring it up lest we somehow disturb the eating gods.

its been weeks since she's been on her hunger strike.  she easts every meal that we eat.  and breakfast is one of her favorites.  sometimes she surprises me how much she eats for breakfast.  but i'm definitely not complaining.

she was stressing me out tremendously when she wasn't eating.  i would watch in envy at kids that shoveled food in their faces non stop.  i thought those moms with kids that ate like that were so lucky.  if only lucy was like that i would have no worries and complaints about that girl.  i finally just had to let it go and repeat 3 times a day what the dr said, "she'll eat when she's hungry and drink when she's thirsty."

we try continuously to make her the healthiest most nutritious foods.  whole wheat or whole grain pasta vs regular pasta, whole grain bread, greek yogurt vs regular for more protein.  she's not a big fan of meat so we have to get creative in the protein department.  i sometimes give her almond butter or peanut butter for protein despite my dr saying no nuts 'till 2.  we try to stay away from all processed foods and stick with real whole foods.  there was a list of 30 healthiest foods to eat that i've been consulting.  it's a great list for everyone.

i honestly think that she loves the foods that i ate when i was pregnant.  nate and i were strictly vegan (nate more so then me) when we got pregnant.  and even when i was further along i didn't crave meats.  the sight of bacon repulsed me and often turned down steaks for crispy fresh salads and cold yummy fruits.  during my pregnancy you could open my fridge and find at least 10 different types of fruits.  i rotated through them like they were going out of style!  and surprise surprise lucy LOVES fruits.  she hasn't met one she doesn't like.

so anyways, now that i've talked about it she'll probably go back on hunger strike but at least this momma isn't going to stress about it anymore.  my responsibility is to provide her with a plethora of healthy foods and its up to her to eat it!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

happy birthday jess!

playing with candy she can't have

little sneak! i found her sucking on a lollipop.  she'd somehow unwrapped it.  she quickly took it out of her mouth when i found her and gave me the biggest saddest "mommy can i please have it" eyes.  i caved.
only her second time ever having a lollipop.  she was bored with it after a few licks.

she's drawn to shoes.  but i hate that every girl shoe is pink of some sort i refuse to buy her pink shoes!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

all hallows eve

the holidays are more and more fun with a kid.  i adored lucy's costume that nana made.  her wig was perfect and made her costume complete.  i was so surprised she kept her wig on.  it was cold and rainy outside and i think she didn't mind having it keep her warm.  this is such a cute costume we might be reusing it next year ;)

this morning we met up with my mommy friends and did a little post halloween get up with the kids.  they were all so cute with their costumes!  i love these ladies and their kiddos!  i see these ladies almost every morning and at any one given moment they are a fingertip away on my phone.  as if seeing each other every morning isn't enough, we often are group texting away during nap times.  they are my sanity and inspiration.  i am truly lucky for these ladies.  i will miss them when we move and i hope to find as great of a group in boulder.

cam cam the witch

my cute neighbors!

left to right: the bachelor, rabbit, peter pan, peep, bat, yoshi, raggedy ann
*the bachelor was really sad because she did not accept his rose*