Thursday, March 28, 2013

what a weird little girl, she's eating a spinach and garlic pizza.  
she likes garlic and will pick them out of the chinese dishes i cook.  whole cloves of garlic!

Monday, March 25, 2013

i did yoga 4times this week.  i found a place not far from us that has a drop in childcare directly next door to a yoga studio.  how convenient right!  well it's been good for me but i can't say the same for lucy.  she's not been too happy when i drop her off.  i think she's just going through an attachment phase.  she's always been ok going somewhere to play without us or sunday school.  but it all started after our vail trip.  she was at the daycare for two full days.  and since she's not liked sunday school or this drop in childcare.  it makes my practice so much harder, but i try to separate that when i'm in there getting my groove on.

it snowed a bunch this wknd.   and we went looking for houses.  our rent is coming up at the end of may.  and the place here was sold.  we never thought in a million years we'd have to move again so quickly.  who would buy a $1.5mil condo thats 2000sq ft???  well apparently in boulder they do.  so we've been going back and forth about renting again or just purchasing a house.  it doesn't make sense to throw money away on rent.  we could easily find a place where the cost of the mortgage is the same as our rent.  it doesn't mean that were staying here forever.  it's just money smart.
anyways it's been a little stressful of late not knowing where were going to be in 2 months.  being the way i am i hate the unknown.  it unsettles me.  

trying to smile like lucy

vietnamese coffee

polenta with mushrooms and sweet potatoes, she didn't want it so i ate it

lucy loves mickey mouse so we trekked to the disney store and got her one.

view of the flatirons from our living room, pretty amazing except for the power line.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

this is what greeted me one saturday morning.  i came down the stairs to find lucy all ready to get messy, she had her paint shirt on, paintbrushes in hand, and i guess sunglasses for the extra artistic flair. i couldn't help but smile and snap a picture.

kale chips, super yum 

she's in gelato heaven

one weekday evening we walked down the street after dinner to get a little fresh air.  we ended up at the local coffee shop.  they were playing relaxing chilled out music.  lucy started doing this dance it was so funny.  it was like an interpretive dance.  she was moving in time to the music and her hands were swaying from side to side.  it was the funniest dance me and nate have seen her do.  we need to play more music for that girl.  she really gets into it.  nate and i also agreed we need to pop into that coffee shop more,  it was so quiet and relaxing in there.  for both of us coming off a hard days work it was like some secret dream world where everyone just sat around and listened to music and drank coffee, read books, had adult conversations face to face.  i guess that's the luxury of what normal people do when they don't have kids or work.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

taiwan pt. 2

man there is so many pictures. i just picked a few here.
i miss taiwan, my family and the food!
lucy had a lot of fun there.  i haven't seen her that happy since.
we need to go back again soon.

we were trying to do a 4 generation pic.

watermelon seeds, yum

playground in my parents condo complex, pretty convenient

skating rink

looking at fish


super fun playland at the mall. i was impressed, motorized carousals, ride ons. very clean and they take your temperature to make sure your not sick, sanitize hands before you can enter.


my aunt and her grandkids

biggest fish eyes!

she never tired of playing with her cousins

cousins from up norths family-4kids!

this picture makes me laugh, their expressions!

these ride on animals that you drive around the mall.  the malls had whole floors dedicated to kids playing.  lucy love it!

lobster sashimi

my aunt meina and kitty

kaohsiung city lights

here's that 4 generation pic i was looking for

these are my grandpas sisters, they are funny and cute.  70+yrs old and as active as ever

my big 'ole family...well half