Thursday, January 3, 2013

aunt audrey and uncle craig

we had a great visit from our friends audrey and craig right after christmas.  we refer to them as aunt audrey and uncle craig.  lucy was able to master audreys name but is still working on craig.  she loved having them around.  she followed them around the house and was always bugging them in their room!  they brought some great gifts for lucy too!

we drove up to the mountain one day and put lucy in daycare while we all went skiing.  it was beautiful up there.  that really put the itch back to go riding all the time again.  well luckily we're in a place that we can go every weekend if we wanted to.  the only thing is lucy gets stuck in daycare.  i'm sure the ski resorts have great daycares, but i still feel slightly guilty for enjoying myself while she's there.  i think that was the first time she's been in a daycare for that long of a time.  she's been at church daycare for an hour at a time.  she seemed to like it, and was even able to take her normal nap.  

we got in some yummy dinners with audrey and craig and they've got me slightly hooked on coffee again.  most evenings we hung out at home with a few bottles of wine.  i love hanging out with them, they always have such a positive energy about them and they are really good with lucy.  audrey taught lucy "knuckles."  a few days after they had left lucy kept shoving her hand at me repeating something,  she was saying knuckles and wanted me to bump knuckles with her, and then she said "audrey!" that melted my heart.

we miss you very much here aunt audrey and uncle craig!  you guys will be great parents one day!  in the mean time come back and visit us soon!

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