Friday, January 11, 2013

it's kind of been a rough week.  can't figure out why.  my patience has been a little thin lately.  also worrying about my upcoming trip to taiwan with lucy.  well not worrying about the time in taiwan just worried sick about the flight to taiwan by myself with a toddler that doesn't want to sit still.  it's going to take 24hrs with flights and layovers.  the longest and most frightful stretch is from LAX to TOKYO...10 HOURS!  lord help me on that flight.  oh and let me mention, lucy does NOT have a seat. she will be sitting on MY lap the entire duration of all three flights.    pray for me....

i had one brief moment of calm and peacefulness this week.  on monday lucy and i went to a mommy and me yoga class.  it's an actual class with toys and little mini yoga mats for kids to either do yoga alongside mommy or hang out and play.  i was surprised at how much yoga i was able to do with toddlers around.  and it was still surprisingly calm and relaxing.  lucy walked around playing with the toys and occasionally would come back and check out what i was doing and copy by putting her arms up for a few poses.  at the end of class we were lying down for savasana and lucy laid down next to me on her little mat and it was a sweet and peaceful moment.  i left feeling more calm, collected and grounded then i'd felt in months.  if this is how i need to get back to myself in this world of chaotic mommyhood then we will definitely be going back for more of that class.

a few pics from today:

lucy @ tinker arts

and then lunch with daddy, yup she's having breakfast for lunch!

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