Monday, January 14, 2013

pics from the weekend...


grrrrr i don't know why but i can't write this at the top of the page.  and i'm frustrated at the quality of the pictures from my iphone.  i upgraded to the 5 in hopes of getting a better camera.  truthfully the camera sucks!  it's hard lugging around my main camera along with a toddler and a giant bag that goes along with the toddler.  so as you can see most days now i just use my iphone.  if anyone has any tips or apps to improve these sh*tty pics please let me know!

it snowed a bit this weekend.  not enough to make the trek to the mountains.  and it's unseasonably cold here these last couple days.  the biggest myth about colorado is that its always snowy and cold.  in fact it's been sunny everyday and most days are in the 40s and 50s!  the locals say that when it does snow its usually melted away by noon.  i like the weather here better then the midwest.  you can still get out in the middle of winter and the sun makes a HUGE difference. it's never brutally cold, i think it also has something to do with the dryness.  they call it the high desert.  humidifiers and lotions are my best friends now.  

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