Friday, December 21, 2012

since nate went back to work this week, lucy and i are on our own again.  nate was off for an entire month.  it was great, of course we also moved halfway across the country during that time.
so lucy and i have been getting out and staying busy so we don't get too lonely at home.  i know it keeps lucy happy when there's some kind of activity in the morning.  we had such a good schedule back home and were working on one here.

monday we checked out a play cafe.  i think it's the only play cafe in town.  it was not the greatest.  there's quite a few play cafes in columbus and they are all really nice with fun schedules.  hmmm, well the one here in boulder has a long ways to go.  i think it's just because people get outdoors a lot here so there's probably not a high demand for indoor activities.  even in the winter there are days like today in the 50s!

tuesday we went to the library for a christmas music show.  that was fun, i was surprised lucy sat through 45min of it before we had to get up.  i am so glad i like the library here.  i was worried about leaving our library back home.  i'm glad they have so many activities and programs for families.  and it's nice that lucy and i can walk there in five minutes.

wednesday we dropped in on a toddler music class.  lucy didn't know what to think.  it's a very energetic group with a very energetic teacher.  i liked it, and think that she will too once she gets used to it.  it always takes her a little while to warm up to things.

thursday we hit the library again, this time for toddler time.  there were 2 other lucys there!  there was also a lucy at the music class.  there's ALOT of lucys in this town.

friday, today we went to a mommy and me art class at this great little studio called tinker arts studio
lucy really liked it.  we'll definitely be going back.

whew! so you see lucy and i have been staying busy.  i'm glad we made it through the first week of nate back at work.  i was a little worried there.  it's important for us to get out so we aren't stuck inside all day, thats when the days seem like weeks and me and lucy both turn into crabby little girls.

boulder has been good to us so far and we hope it continues to.

walk to the library

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