Friday, January 4, 2013

it was my first time ever buying a live tree.  super excited about it until a few days had gone by and our tree seemed to shrivel and dry out a little everyday.  we followed all the instructions and everything! by the end of the first week our tree looked like someone had popped it like a balloon and all the life and color had gone out of it, with only some lights and ornaments hanging on to its scraggly branches.  i may never get another live tree again. =(

nanna sent a bunch of handmade gifts for us and lucy!  it made our christmas kind of special since we were so far away from family and friends this season.

lucy helped decorate the tree and also managed to break a ornament.  she didn't seem as interested in the tree as i thought she'd be.  she was way more interested in the presents that started collecting under the tree.  everyday she'd go over and mess around with the presents under the tree, bringing some over to us and saying "play."  i had to tell her everyday that we couldn't open them 'till christmas morning.

soft blanky aunt macy sent for lucy

two cute hats for lucy by nana

can't wait till summer to wear this pretty little dress nana made

she loves her barn scene we got her

intricate hat nana knit

so much fun playing with boxes and wrapping paper!

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  1. Nana has major skills with all of her handmade crafts!