Monday, January 7, 2013

i can't believe i'm still posting about christmas, but below was when we walked to a christmas eve service at a church a few blocks from our place.  it started snowing on the way there and when we were done less then an hr later the streets were completely covered in an inch of snow.  lucy was completely warm and dry in her stroller. 

i took a picture of myself on my first time out in over 3 years!  i was really excited to get back on the snowboard to see if i still remembered.  nate and i had to take turns individually because they didn't have daycare.  he let me go first, and i was giddy with excitement.  i tried not to think too much into it as i strapped myself in, because i know i would've freaked myself out.  i still managed to have a little "oh sh*t" moment.  i was on the lift by myself first time up and suddenly i felt really alone by myself up there and i panicked a little.  i thought, "what the heck am i doing out here after 3yrs of not being on a snowboard??"  i didn't even practice on the bunny slope or at least use the carpet ride the first go around???! but it was really kind of too late to be thinking that.  it's not like they could stop the lift and get me down ha!  so i quickly tried to take my mind off of it and took this picture below of myself and texted a few friends and before i knew it i was at the top of the mountain.  i managed to hop off the lift without falling flat on my face and before i knew it i had made it down the mountain without falling and i was ready to go again!  it was fun and freeing and so now me and nate have the bug again, constantly thinking about when the next time we'll be out again.  it's suppose to snow this weekend, we're just a wee bit excited here. ;)

i think she's picking the frogs nose?

nate and i are on a mission to find the best burger in town.  back home we had our two favorites, five guys and culver's butterburgers.  so far we've had reuben's and larkburger here.  reubens was eh so so wouldn't say they were very yummy.  and larburger i'd give it a 7 or 8.  i wanna give it another shot because i think i ordered mine a little undercooked.  larkburgers parmesan truffles fries are out of control good though!  i'd go back just for those.  
nate and i wonder if we will find anything as good as five guys here, and our theory is because all the burger joints use local grass fed beef.  and in my opinion grass fed beef is kinda dry and tough.  i think grass fed cows are generally pretty lean because they're walking around the pasture eating right?  to me a good burger is deliciously fattening and juicy when you bite into it.  it's got that grease coming out and soaking into the bun.  and i just don't think the "healthier" grass fed burgers can compete.  at least in my burger book.
don't get me wrong i'm all about healthy eating and humanely raised animals but sometimes a girls just gotta have a good burger!

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  1. dang... Lucy makes that burger look so good!

    i love the weather proof thing on the stroller... i must have one!