Wednesday, December 5, 2012

one thing that boulder has going for it is the food.  i knew it was going to be good, but i did not expect it to be this good.  i think my taste buds had been in sad mourning while living in the midwest.  not only is the food delicious, the restaurants pay close attention to where and how they source their food.  it is absolutely AWESOME to be somewhere where they REALLY care about the food they dish out.  everything is locally sourced or organic.  this is also something i'm extremely happy for lucy's sake.  back home we limited ourselves to restaurants that served healthier options on their kids menu.  sometimes it was such a challenge that we would just end up eating at home.  well since we've been here we've ate every meal out except for one.  and lucy has happily eaten off the kids menus with us feeling great about it!

i do have to admit that i'm slightly in love with the location of our rental.  we walk downstairs and we are right in the midst of food heaven.  we stroll down pearl street and pick a new restaurant to try everyday.  and surprisingly the prices are very reasonable.  since the weather has been abnormally nice here in boulder we've taken advantage and take lucy out to visit the play areas at every block interval. she had fun tonight playing on the rock garden kids area.  

boulder is also a dog town, everywhere we look there's dogs.  lucy is in love!  i wonder how long we will be able to hold out before we have to get a dog.

it's been fun exploring our neighborhood, and i am enjoying urban living but i still have a little ache in my heart for ohio.  i wonder what we'll do when two years are up...

those squiggly thing up top-crispy pig ears! and the greens may be the yummiest greens i've had lately.

this doggy was so sweet, he's 15!

nates disgruntled about lucys broken highchair strap ha!

i had to take a picture, of course why wouldn't they in boulder

and a little sneak peak at our christmas cards...if i ever get them made =)

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  1. I want to eat!! i love food! It looks like a party everyday there!

    I love the xmas cards... your red TOMS make the pic! I hope you are sending the cards out!