Sunday, December 9, 2012


"cinta" is what lucy calls santa.  sounds like something spanish.  she saw santa twice on saturday.  we walked down the street to see the santa below.  it was her first experience and she didn't cry.  we've ben talking and reading about santa all week to prep her for the big meet.  she was really excited when she saw him and kept pointing at santa while waiting in line.  when it was her turn, nate walked her up to santa and sat her on his lap and she was SO shy.  she wouldn't look at him.  but you could tell she liked him, she didn't want to get up from his lap.  i think if we let her she would've sat there all day with santa. 

later on in the day we went and saw "cinta" again.  this time he was at macys.  santa's reindeers were even sitting outside!  this time she practically ran up to santa by herself.  there was another girl in front of her and if we hadn't held her back she would've jumped right in santa's lap with the other girl.  when it was her time, she walked up the two steps right up to him.  its was cute.

i thought it was nice that the santas here are free and you can take as many pics as you want.
it was also fun to see the older kids sit and tell santa what they want.  it's a new experience for nate and i too.  it's the magic of christmas!

santa is on pearl street every saturday, i think we'll be taking lucy back to see him =)

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