Saturday, December 8, 2012

yesterday we went to eben g park, library, and a little mountain town called nederland.  i love that we can bike to the park and library and it's all within 5 minutes of our place.  too bad winters starting and we won't be able to get out on bike as much.  we got bored in the afternoon and headed for the mountains to see how far we could drive.  we made it to a little quaint mountain town called nederland, it had a beautiful reservoir that looked like it would be fun to visit in the summer.  it started snowing as soon as we hit some elevation.  we also drove by a house we almost rented in the mountain.  it was quite spectacular but i don't know how i'd feel about living in the mountains.  it might be a little too secluded for my liking.  if we didn't have lucy it might be a different story.

the evenings are getting colder and we dug out the bundle me for her stroller.  since we walk everywhere it's been an adjustment trying to figure out how to dress and pack along for the walk.  you can always tell the families that live right downtown they have their children super bundled up.

i was wandering around looking for nate and lucy at the library when i came across a very familiar drawing of strega nona from the book strega nona!  i used to love that book!  on closer inspection it was signed and dated by the artist/author and gifted to the boulder public library.  so awesome!  i saw a few others i recognized.  the boy with the donuts is homer price by robert mccloskey some may remember his other book, make way for ducklings.  that kind of made my day.  i ran over to nate jumping up and down, excited and dragged him to see the original art....he didn't seem to share my enthusiasm. =(

lucy's been really into santa lately.  lucy's great grandpa carved a bunch of santas years ago and we are lucky enough to have a few of them.  she loves to play with them and knows to be really careful with them.  it's helped to get her excited about seeing santa.  next post is her first santa experience!

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