Saturday, December 15, 2012

denver childrens museum

the denver childrens museum is AWESOME!  it is by far the coolest place i've been to for a kid, well besides disneyworld.  if we lived closer i'd be there everyday no kidding.  it was about a 30+ minute drive but it was completely worth it.  lucy had so much fun there she skipped her nap.  we spent a good chunk of the day there but felt like there was more to see.  every city should have something like this for kids.  i'm starting to get the feeling that people in colorado care a lot about their kids education.  they offer spanish and french story time at the library.  there just seems to be more of a focus on the overall well being of your child.  

after the museum we went to ikea and bought a few things for the house.  we also got lucy a kitchen after we saw how much she loved playing in the kitchen at the museum.  and a art easel.  she didn't want to stop painting at the museum.

we must've picked up some stomach bug that day because lucy was sick for about 24hrs and now nates got it.  its a nasty one.  i spent this morning cleaning up the germs.  

lucy pulling up a carrot from the make believe garden

this was a really cool room with music that lucy loved.  she danced around.

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