Wednesday, July 25, 2012

lucy's cutting her top two teeth and she's been a cranky mess.  all she wants to do is be held by me.  this is so not like her normal self.  she's always such a happy, independent little girl.  can't wait till she finishes teething!  at least i know what's wrong with her.  last time when her bottom teeth were coming up we didn't know and she was a cranky mess and i thought omg what happened to my sweet girl someone took her and replaced her with a monster.  well at least this time i know it's short lived.

in other lucy news she's been talking and repeating all kinds of words.  a few of her words she's saying now: ball, pop, bubble, da da, gon(chinese grandpa), yum yum which sounds more like nom nom, fish with a silent f, hat, kick, and my mom claims she said lucy the other day.

she's been doing this cute little wiggle and shake of her shoulders when she hears music.  i need to work on getting some video footage of this.  she also kicks and throws the ball which nate is extremely proud of.  i hate to see the day when she tells him "i don't want to play ball daddy."

she loves shoes, and tries to put them on her feet.  she even tries to pull other kids shoes off at the library.

still not walking yet.  by this time both nate and i were walking pretty strong.  nate started at 10 months and i was 11 months.  well at least she's getting more practice with my parents here.  lucy's got some catching up to do.  

cute barrets that grammy made

cranky mess!

crank face because my parents stopped for a picture


learning to feed herself

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