Thursday, July 5, 2012

hooray for the 4th!  i love holidays in the middle of the week.  our friend sunara and tyler threw a killer 4th party with fireworks and all.  for the special occasion i dusted off my pie and pastry bible and made cream puffs.  i wish i had the time to make these all the time.  they are so yummy and remind me of my childhood.  we had a family friend that would make these all the time.  one day my mom got the recipe and me and her decided to make some ourselves.  i was so excited!  until they came out of the oven flat as pancakes lol!

they really aren't that time consuming, i still managed with lucy yanking at my legs.  i guess you learn to adapt your cooking style.  become much faster.  one thing i know thats different, cooking used to be so relaxing and therapeutic.  now its a mad rush trying to get everything done and cleaned up before either lucy wakes up from a nap or has had enough of playing in the pantry.

we took lucy to watch her first fireworks yesterday.  it was so dark outside i only managed a picture of the fireworks and no lucy pic. =(  it was fun though we biked up to the reservoir sat up on the dam and watched the fireworks over the water.  beautiful.  i don't think i've ever seen fireworks over water.  the reflection is so pretty.  lucy seemed to like it despite it being an hour past her bedtime.  she tried to reach out and touch the fireworks every time one went off.  she also made little oooh aahhh sounds so cute!  afterwards a storm started rolling in and we rode our bikes home in the storm, it was exhilarating.  i think i might've enjoyed riding through the storm more then the actual fireworks.  all in all it was quite the experience for little lucy.  out past her bedtime in the dark watching fireworks and sitting on the front of a bike through the rain and lightening.  it's good to expose your child to different experiences right? =)

this is a bonus pic from my phone.  she's so sweet 

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