Tuesday, July 10, 2012

life's been a little hectic lately.  it's been racing past me like a roller coaster.  all i can do is sit tight and buckle my seat belt a little tighter.  we're going through a rough patch with lucy.  her eating habits have been stressing me out a bit lately.  she seems to be weaning herself off the bottle but then also not completely on solids yet.  so it makes me feel that she's not getting all the nutrition she needs.  i need to just let it go and remember that the child will eat when she's hungry.  but i've always been real particular about her eating.  i used a app that kept track of everything she ate probably for the first 6 months.
so along with boycotting her bottle she's also boycotting the stroller.  she used to love being in there and pushed around.  other moms have told me its just a phase.  i sure hope so.  i guess when your learning how to walk and be mobile the last thing you want to do is be strapped into a seat immobile.
i'm also dealing with some kind of weird rash on my legs that the dr cant figure out.  what's the saying..."when it rains it pours." anyways, im just being poopy today.  i guess we'll all have those days.  i thought i'd share so that people don't read this blog and think my life is like rainbows and flowers everyday.

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  1. allergy to sunscreen? allergy to too much sun?