Sunday, July 15, 2012

littles birthday party

ashley and bobby, lucy's seen bobby 3 times this week!
yesterday lucy got to experience one of her friends 1st birthday partys.  it was super cute!  i love to see her play and interact with other kids.  i think she really enjoys being around other kids her age.  it was also fun for nate because he got to see lucy hanging out with her friends.  he's never experienced that and said it was interesting to watch her just go off and play with the other kids.  he also got to meet some of my new mommy friends that i'm always talking about.  i'm looking forward to getting together with them this month for "moms night out."
lucy got a bunch of kisses from the birthday boy it was beyond cute i wish i had a picture of her first boy kiss.  he went straight for the lips too!

bobby, lucy, cora, ryan

these two are so funny! lucy was getting cranking at the end of the party and little bobby said here let me help you with that leaned over and gave her a nice shove to the ground.


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