Monday, July 2, 2012

last week we took lucy up to the reservoir to work on her birthday invites.  these are a few shots we got that day.  she loves balloons but i think she might be ballooned out after this.  i need to remember to save balloons for special occasions.  

over the weekend nate and i went to our first movie theater movie in over a year!  i really can't remember the last time we were at the movie theater.  it was definitely before lucy was born.  we saw prometheus.  i don't know if it's because it's been so long since i've watched a movie at the theater or if it was just a really good movie but we really really enjoyed it!

i need to really get on the ball with lucy's 1st bday party.  nate and i came close to not doing one.  even though were not planning anything big it still takes time, time that i don't really have right now. =(  but then i think i'll regret not having a 1st birthday for her.  so we decided we're going to keep it small with just family and a few close friends.  it's not like she's going to remember it.  i think the only thing i'm really excited about is watching her dig into her smash cake.  hmmm...that's if she will.  i've been to some parties where the kid has no interest in their cake whatsoever.  i doubt that will be lucy, she seems to have a thing for sweets already.

anyhow...i should be off working on the said party instead of talking about it here.  toodaloo!

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