Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ah ma, ah gon are here!

lucys ah ma and ah gon are here!  yay!  they arrived monday night and we went to pick them up.  lucy had her own little sign that said grandma and grandpa in chinese on it.  when she saw them for the first time she could not stop smiling.  i wonder what was going through her mind as she saw them in the flesh for the first time.  she's always only seen them on skype.  but she definitely knew them and who they were.  she had a permanent smile on her face the whole ride home.  she couldn't stop staring at them.  it's been great since they've been here, all the extra helping hands.  i can feel a change in myself already after two days.  so much more relaxed and at ease.  we went and ran errands yesterday and nate and i both noticed how much easier it is with my parents being here.  too bad there not here all the time but i'm going to enjoy it for the next 2 months.

lucys 11 months today!! she just started really using her little walker around.  this started monday after i took her to the little gym where all the other kids were all walking.  immediately after she came home she jumped on that walker and started pushing it along.  prior to that she'd been cruising on furniture and our hands but she really didn't like to use the walker.  see i always knew she just needed a little motivation!

we also worked on finger painting over the weekend.  it was fun for us and lucy!  i'd like to have more art projects for her to do.

gift my aunt sent for lucy

daks outfit!

lucy loves this hat, its my dads

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  1. that last pic where she is on the sliding door is so cute!