Thursday, April 19, 2012

"winner, winner, chicken dinner"

lucy is no longer a celebration of her turning eight months i cooked up a yummy one pot meal from my tyler florence baby cookbook.  lucy's dr said she can start eating meats when she turns 8 months.

everything cooked up on the stove and then into the oven to finish.  i blended it up nice and fine for her.  it was chicken with white rice and broccoli, cauliflower and peas.  they used carrots in the book but i didn't have any so i used cauliflower instead.

it was pretty good, i was surprised at how flavorful it was since there's not much in the way of seasoning.  i think roasting really brings out flavors in the veggies.  i tried lucys portion and it definitely tasted yummier then ours.  our chicken was dry but since hers was all blended up it tasted great!

lucy definitely loved her first taste of animal protein.  we could tell she enjoyed it.  it's probably the most flavorful solid she's tasted yet.

hmmm...wonder what we should try next, maybe some fish!  

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