Wednesday, April 4, 2012

what lucy's eating...

i stopped at whole foods yesterday and bought a bunch of yummy fresh veggies for lucy.  being at whole foods inspires me to cook healthy nutritious foods for her.  they have a wider variety of organic produce then our local grocery.  i picked up carrots, zucchinis, and peas.  what made me go back were those peas!  i bought some last week and they were so yummy lucy loved them.  i myself had never imagined pureed peas could be so sweet and delicious!  this time i mixed all three veggies together.  i took a taste myself and thought i'd never tasted yummier veggies.  since making my own baby food i've been surprised by how tasty veggies can be with nothing added to it.  you can really taste the sweetness from the vegetables themselves when your not adding spices and oil.  nate and i often steal lucys food. =)

we do still keep some store bought baby food on hand for when were out and about.  its easy to just throw them in your bag and go.  and there's no cleanup.  im also a sucker for great packaging and they make those baby food pouches so colorful and yummy looking!  the variety and combinations they have are also great.  it would be difficult for me to hunt down some of those ingredients too especially if they're not in season. 

lucy's learned now how to suck the food out of the pouches.  she uses it like a straw.  so we figured she must be ready for a straw.  i bought her a lollacup (another genius baby product) and have been trying to get her to use it.  she's actually only used the straw to draw up water from the cup one time, mostly she just chews on it like a toy.  i don't understand why if she knows how to suck the food from the pouches why she won't also drink from the straw.  maybe i just need to put something yummier in the cup then water.  she does however know how to use a regular sippy cup.  but i figured whats the point of her getting used to that when eventually she'll be using a cup with a straw.  

i love watching her eat these pouches its so so cute! 

see how pretty and yummy they look.  they taste pretty good too i've tried!

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  1. I can't wait for Isabelle to try out the Lollacup! Thanks for getting her that! :-))

    Your pictures are great! Love this blog!