Tuesday, April 3, 2012

weekend fun...

we took lucy to the north market this past weekend and she had her first taste of ice cream!  it was pistachio from jeni's ice cream.  we only gave her two little bites.  i was expecting her to enjoy it more but i think the coldness of it was weird to her.  you would think she'd love it considering how much ice cream i ate when i was pregnant.  

we cant figure out if lucy loves plants, trees, flowers or she just loves the color green.  she gets really excited anytime she sees trees.

she's also learned to clap her hands!  when she hears music lucy starts clapping her hands.  or when we say "yayyy!"  i think she learned this from story time where were always clapping our hands and singing.

clapping her hands.  she seems so proud of herself when she's doing this.

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