Monday, April 30, 2012

its been awhile since i last posted.  it's been a busy week.  not sure if its because lucy has a set nap schedule now so i plan around those times to get my stuff done and that leaves me no time to catch up on posting.  there just never seems to be enough time in the day to finish everything.
lucy and i also stay really busy with all of our activities.  there's only so much to do at home before both lucy and me start going a little crazy.

we also added an additional activity on thursday.  its really for moi but lucy enjoys it i think.  i've been meeting up with the moms from moms group for "stroller bootcamp".  one of the moms personal trainer graciously trains us thursdays for an hour at the park.  its quite hilarious to see all of us with our strollers working out.  it's a good workout and the babys sit in there strollers and laugh at us.

its been fun meeting new people, which is usually not my thing since i feel like i have enough friends already.  but its a good excuse for us to get out of the house and of course we swap baby stories and give each other encouragement and advice.  i actually went out with these ladies friday night sans babies.  we had a "moms night out."  it was good to be able to get to know the ladies better without our kids interrupting our every sentence.  i have to admit i enjoyed it and it was good to step out of my comfort zone.  

picture from this weekend.  sunday was beautiful.  nate and i played a game of scrabble while lucy napped at the park.

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