Wednesday, April 18, 2012

happy 8 month lucy!

lucy is 8 months today!!!  how time flies.  every time i post her monthly birthday i always wonder where the month went.  although the month went fast it was filled with so many new milestones.  this past month lucy started teething.  she has two little teeth on the bottom trying to pop through.  i get a glimpse of them when she's laughing or has her mouth wide open for food.  everyday i see a little more white popping through the gums.
this past month she has also figured out how to go from her tummy to sitting up.  the other day i watched her wake up from her nap on the monitor wondering what she was doing squirming around.  i went upstairs to get her and there she was sitting up in her crib staring at me.  so we had to move her mattress to a lower setting on her crib so she couldn't pull herself up and fall out.  oh cuz she's also doing that now, grabs onto things and tries to pull herself to a standing position.  i guess before long she'll be toddling around getting into everything!
she's crawling or more like scooting backwards.  she cant seem to figure out how to go forward!  she sticks her butt way up in the air and it looks like she's trying to stand up.  or sometimes she'll just rock back and forth on her hands and knees.  whats interesting is she started doing this at storytime one day when she saw all the other kids cruising around on there hands and knees.  i really think babies learn from watching others.  i could tell she really wanted to try this new mobile way of getting around "crawling" that the other kids were doing.
another thing she learned from watching is to eat her puffs.  its her first finger food.  for the longest time i'd lay some puffs on her tray and she would just play with them but wouldn't put them to her mouth.  then the other day i let her take the puff out of my hand instead of laying it on the tray and she slowly used her other hand to guide the puff into her mouth as she watched me eat one.  it was cute.
we're also going to start teaching her some baby sign language.  it seems she understands more then we think.  she definitely understands a few of the words were saying.
im making a special 8 month dinner tonight. =)

first time in a swing

you can barely see the little teeth

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