Monday, April 9, 2012

first easter

lucy spent her first easter at grammy and grampy's house.  it was a brisk and windy easter sunday but lucy was bundled up and ready.  she couldn't actually "hunt" for the eggs but we showed her where they were and she'd reach and pick them up.  it was cute!  grammy also made her a cute little easter bag and her very first chocolate.  we let her have a few licks of the chocolate.  she was very unhappy when i took it away.  
lucy had a lot of fun just sitting outside playing with her eggs.  she was so cute i wanted to just gobble her up like the homemade chocolates!

stole daddys bicycling magazine getting ready to rip it to shreds

warrior dash?

taylor's great dane puppy

yummy homemade easter treats

ready set easter egg hunt

there's an egg in there!

this green egg ended up being her favorite...i think her fav color is green

egg in the birdhouse

i love that face!

"daddy stuck a weed in my hair!"

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