Thursday, December 18, 2014

we went up to breckenridge this past weekend and lucy got to take a ski lesson on the mountain.  she's never actually skied on snow before.  she took some classes at shredder in boulder earlier this year.  its this indoor ski place for kids.  gets them ready for the ski season indoors without the elements.   wether it was those shredder classes or maybe she's just a natural, we were pretty surprised at her abilities.  we were able to spy on her at the end of her class.  she was able to get around on her skis, get on the magic carpet and ride it by herself.  and glide down the kids hill with a little assistance from her instructor.  the teachers said she had the most fun out of all the kids and was the only one begging to go out for more skiing!  great job lucy!  can't wait until your riding with us little shredder!

we extended our stay an extra night when we heard there was a storm coming in.  that was a great decision we got to ride on some fresh powder sunday.  overnight the town of breckenridge was transformed into a snowy winter scene.  blessed to live so close these great mountains!

following in dada's footsteps

lucys the one in orange on the carpet

coming down by herself

she loved her purple goggles

dew tour happened to be going on in breck

completely wiped out

same pic everytime we need some more creative lift pictures

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  1. how awesome it is to see lucy enjoy it out there so much. i love and miss you guys so much but this is the best choice you ever made for your family.