Monday, December 22, 2014

this summer was our first time camping as a family, and my first time camping ever.  it seemed like overnight we had acquired a big 6person tent, camp stove, lamps, and a paddle board.  the 6person tent quickly didn't seem so big after lucys pack n play went in there along with our queen size air mattress, foam topper and all of our gear.  hey, if i'm going to sleep outside why not make it as comfortable as possible??  lucy sure is comfortable and cozy in her pack n play.  although i don't know what we'll do next year when she won't fit in the pack n play.  
we only got to go camping twice this past summer with all the house stuff we were working on.  but next year we are planning on getting out as much as possible.  the campsites out here fill up pretty fast too.
we really enjoyed turquoise lake up by leadville.  beautiful glassy lake.  the campsites were right by the lake.  hoping to go again next year. 

she's trying to skip rocks

lucy likes sitting out from while nate paddle boards

nate and our friend brett each with a little one out front!

this is when they got back and i didn't see lucy on the front and my heart skipped a beat.  but she actually fell asleep and is laying down on the board. 

i wanna go back!

nate loves cooking breakfast. 

look at that water, so peaceful out there

pretty darn good pizza in leadville


  1. oh my gosh! this looks absolutely amazing and I miss you guys so much. this is what i want to do when we come out to visit you guys. can two kids fit in one pack n play? is that legal? lol. your hair is so long... you need to OMBRE it! for some reason i feel the need to not capitalize the first word in every sentence. ha! miss you

    1. your comments are sweet! thanks sista! miss you!