Thursday, December 4, 2014


the holidays are here and we've been up to a lot of holidayey (i made a new word) things.
after the low key thanksgiving last year we decided to really do it up this year and gather our new friends we've made here in boulder.  we hosted 12 adults and 10 kids!  it was a lot of fun and probably has been the least stressed out party i've hosted.  i didn't have to cook the turkey for one and everyone brought a few dishes to share.  we had a lot of yummy food and it was a great day with friends.  so thankful for friends.

on another night we drove up to the boulder star and hiked up right underneath of it.  this star is pretty special, you can see it from miles away.  its on the side of green mountain that overlooks boulder.  and every night beginning in november its lit up.  the star feels special to us because its the first thing we noticed right after we moved to boulder.  it was november and we were in a rental right on pearl street with views of the star every night from our balcony.  it reminds me of all the emotions we felt right after we moved. 

lucy and her little friends went to a sugarplum fairy tea party last sunday.  they got to drink tea and have scones and little sandwiches.  they sat and watched a mini production of the nutcracker then got their pictures taken with the sugarplum fairy.  we've been reading lucy the nutcracker every night to prepare her.  nate also bought tickets to take us all to see the big nutcracker production this weekend. i'm pretty excited to see it with lucy.  i think she's going to enjoy it.  

tree lighting on pearl st

my thanksgiving plate

she loves nutcrackers

is that not the cutest picture ever

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  1. love to hear how you've met and made great friends out there. you look so happy. i need to see more pics of you in the posts please! i miss your face so much!