Monday, December 1, 2014

keeping up

seems to be harder and harder to keep up with this blog these days.  and the more time that passes the more pictures that are piled up and the more overwhelmed i am.
but here's some from our trip to see audrey, craig and there newest addition emmitt!

one day we stopped in berkley and looked for my parents old shop.  lots of fond memories for me playing around there as a kid.  i made lucy take a picture in front of the shop.  i wish i can find where the picture of me, not much older then lucy was standing in the same spot.

on another day we drove up to santa rosa to visit our friends that moved there from boulder.  they have a little girl named lucia that lucy just adores.  the girls had a great time playing dress up in their elsa dresses.  they took us to a beautiful winery and we had a relaxing afternoon underneath some beautiful old oak trees.

we had so much fun visiting with audrey, craig and emmitt.  their house is awesome and we love their neighborhood.  can't wait to go back and visit soon.  miss you guys!

i found the picture!! i'm on the left.

18 years between these two pics and we pretty much look the same.  
can't believe we are both mommys now!

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