Wednesday, February 29, 2012

two poos poos in one day!

lucy pooped on the toilet twice today!!!!!  nate and i are in shock and don't really know what to think.  could it be this easy to potty train!?  could our baby girl be that smart?? or is it just a coincidence?
the first time i put her on the toilet today was really just to start getting her used to being on the toilet.  the second time i put her on the toilet i knew she was getting ready to go poopoo so we quickly booked it to the toilet and she did the deed.  the third time we put her on the toilet today we did it to get her in the habit, not thinking there was going to be much happening.  after about 2 minutes she pooped her second poopoo on the toilet for the day!!

i had spoken with my friend crystal this past weekend about getting our little girls potty trained.  apparently both our moms had potty trained us before we were one and culturally in other countries they potty train at a very young age.  here in america they call it elimination communication (infant potty training).  i've heard of people starting as early as a few weeks old.  i was kind of skeptical about the whole thing because really if your child can't communicate to you that they need to go potty and your just putting them on the toilet throughout the day and randomly you get lucky with a few deeds then would you call that child potty trained?  so when lucy pooped the first time today on the toilet i just thought, great she did it but so what i knew she was going to do it so i got lucky and made it to the toilet in time.  well then when she did it for the second time it really made me think about it.  in fact it made me think "my child is a genius!"  hahah!
update: lucy peepeed tonight!

no, but really there might be some truth to this whole elimination communication thing.  i mean our friend carolyn's baby is 11 months and can hold her pee until she's on the toilet.  my nephew who's 9 months goes poopoo exclusively on the toilet.  and even today my mom was just telling me how she had potty trained me well before i was 1.

so the journey begins for lucys potty training...

we did take a picture...

but your just going to

have to use your


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